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Security Professionals Believe Cybersecurity Is Now Aligned With Cyberwar

Key Highlights

  • Security pros in huge organizations believe that cybersecurity is now aligned with cyberwar.
  • A survey has been conducted with over 1000 employees across a few countries, and the stats were mentioned.

Many security professionals in large organizations trust the world is now in a perpetual cyberwar. 82 percent consider that geopolitics and cybersecurity are radically linked.

Sapio surveyed 1,101 security decision-makers in firms with more than 1,000 employees (24% had more than 10,000 employees) across the US, UK, Germany, France, the Benelux countries, and Australia. Almost 50% of the individuals surveyed were at a c-suite level or above.

The replies returned without sight of the questions, nor the interpretations applied. The survey can’t be given any scientific weight. For instance, ‘cyberwar’ is not defined, and respondents may have different views. Nevertheless, companies as large as those queried will undoubtedly have conducted a forensic analysis of any breach.

In the current geopolitical climate, this would lead to a strong perception of whether the attack was by or in support of a nation-state, i.e., effectively an act of cyberwar. Sixty-four percent of the survey respondents suspect they have been directly targeted or impacted by a nation-state attack.

The cyber war perception is remarkably high and seems to have been kick-started by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent level of condemnation and sanctions leveled by the West.

Bocek said that the Cyberwar is here. It doesn’t look the way some people may have imagined it would, but security professionals understand that nation-states can damage any business. The reality is that kinetic warfare and geopolitics now must inform cybersecurity strategy.

The danger that Venafi expects is that as more advanced state or state-aligned groups get involved in this cyber war, the level of sophistication in the attacks will increase. One quickly growing threat vector is the abuse of machine identities.

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