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FDA Approves Leg Wearable For Neurological Conditions

Key Highlights

  • A Neural Sleeve is designed for predicting, analyzing, and augmenting a person’s movements.
  • FDA approves the leg wearable for neurological conditions.
  • The device will be ready for delivery by 2023.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new leg wearable for a commercial rollout, the Neural Sleeve. 

The novel leg wearable sleeve utilizes electrical stimulation to help improve the gait of people with mobility issues due to multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy (CP), stroke, and other neurological conditions.

Fitted with electrodes to stimulate the wearer’s muscles, the new design has applications in patients suffering from neurological conditions and those who have suffered a stroke or damage to their spinal cords.

Cionic’s durable Neural Sleeve is designed for analyzing, predicting, and augmenting a person’s movements. Developed by bionic wearables designer Cionic, the Neural Sleeve utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time motion analysis. 

Monitoring a wearer’s gait, this information is used to inform the electrodes in each leg and adapt the stimulation accordingly. The user can access this data on their phones and adjust the electrodes’ mode if they are sitting down or resting. 

The leg wearable is intended as a recovery aid, used to retrain the user’s movements, and ultimately not be needed once a wearer has rebuilt a level of motion in a muscle. It makes use of advanced algorithms to read the signals sent to the muscles from the brain in real-time, predicting the movement of users one-tenth of a second before their foot lifts off the ground.

The system measures body position and how individual muscles fire during movement using an array of sensors. The sensors can predict the person’s intended movement by measuring the electrical signal from the brain.

Cionic said in a blog post that its goal was to create the most advanced mobility solution in the world. Their technology was designed to address the underlying neuromuscular system to retrain and strengthen the body over time. The device will be ready for delivery by 2023.

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