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New Gmail Will No Longer Let Users Revert To Its Old Design

Key Highlights

  • Google announced that it is making the new Gmail interface the standard user experience.
  • The company initially released the new interface but allowed users to revert to the original view.
  • Users will no longer have the option to go back to the old interface from November 2022.

Google started testing the update with Gmail users starting from Feb 2022. The company began making the redesigned Gmail available to users more widely, but with one significant difference. Users could switch back to the old design of Gmail if they did not like the revamped look.

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Google had said that the revamped platform would include a more unified design consisting of the company’s chat and video conferencing platform, Google Chat and Google Meet, all within Gmail’s interface.

Google mentions that the ability to customize the new interface makes it easier to stay on top of what is essential and decreases the requirement to switch between various applications, windows, or tabs. It is worth noting that with this new change, users will no longer have the option to configure Chat on the right side of Gmail.

The company’s decision to make its new user interface the standard experience is not surprising, but it will likely be a frustrating change for users who prefer the old design.

What Is New In Gmail?

Gmail users will have to configure which platforms they want to see on the left side of the window with the revamped look. Users can pick from Google Chat, Spaces, and Meet.

Google says that Gmail users can use the quick settings available in Gmail to customize the new interface to include the more important apps. Users can use Gmail by or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet.

When Will The Revamped Gmail Be Available To Users?

Google said that it has started rolling out the update to all its users worldwide and that it should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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