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NetApp Goes Full Hybrid Multi-Cloud With BlueXP

Key Highlights

  • NetApp, a storage and cloud optimization technology developer, is making a full-court press in the hybrid cloud and multi-cloud market with the introduction of BlueXP.
  • BlueXP is a new unified control plane to manage storage and data services across on-premises, private, and public cloud environments.

Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president, and general manager of cloud storage for the San Jose, California-based company, said that BlueXP is the first technology to allow a user to configure storage and data services from on-premises to private and public clouds with a single user interface.

He said that BlueXP makes all data storage available in a single place, and it impacts all users of NetApp, whether on-premises or in the cloud, making them much more efficient. BlueXP is a significant move for NetApp.

Schwartz said that NetApp had done a lot of things first. They have a record of innovation, including being the first to bring on-premises storage to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It is not just bringing data to the cloud but making it cloud-native.

Now, customers have an evolved cloud stack, which Schwartz said includes an on-premises data estate that is still growing and a cloud-based data estate growing faster.

He said it is not a single cloud but multiple clouds. It gives businesses agility and savings, but it is harder to drive efficiency and scale across multiple systems. With BlueXP, they get a single view across all these systems.

He said that BlueXP would allow various roles to be assigned to separate users so customers can create views by the tenant and set the services by the tenant. It also offers a framework for service providers.

BlueXP addresses many services, including ransomware protection and data security across all NetApp-focused systems.

For NetApp channel partners, BlueXP allows them to help customers take advantage of their broader view of their on-premises and cloud environments and optimize for data protection or cost.

It helps partners evaluate and optimize the value of customer installations8. Partners have the opportunity to make major inputs on customer value with BlueXP.

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