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Google Pixel 6a Is Out Now

Key Highlights

  • Google launched the Google Pixel 6a mobile with an easy-to-use fingerprint scanner.
  • It is seen that the mobile has awful battery life and charges too slowly.
  • The price of the Google Pixel 6a mobile is $449. It is expected that there might be a cut in price in the upcoming Black Friday deal.

Google Pixel 6a, launched recently, has a nice small form factor and an easy-to-use fingerprint scanner. But, it has an unpleasant battery life and charges too slowly. It is now available for purchase. The price of the mobile is $449/ £399/ AU$749.

You can purchase the older mobile for the same price as its budget alternative. It is an awkward problem for Google because if you find a decent Pixel 6 deal, you can pick up the more powerful phone for a lower price. However, if you want the Pixel 6a, there is a way to get it for much cheaper.

Black Friday Deal In November

Google is a fan of reducing the price of its tech during sales seasons. During Prime Day 2022, it liberally sliced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro prices.

Black Friday 2022 will fall in late November, and there is a good chance that the Google Pixel 6a could see a good price cut then.

Judging by Google’s past habits and the way Black Friday works, we’ll very likely see the Pixel 6a hit a new low price, and it’ll almost definitely be much more affordable than the Pixel 6 ever has been. That will make it a great deal. So, unless you need a brand-new phone in the next four months, it is advised to wait until Black Friday to pick up the Google Pixel 6a.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the budget Pixel phone will get a discount or that it’ll be a good one. And anyway, there will be plenty of other Black Friday deals on all the best phones you can pick up instead.

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