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SAP’s Digital Skills Initiative: Bridging The Gap In Tech Talent Shortage

Key Highlights

  • The technology industry faces a gap in digital skills, with 75% of companies reporting a talent shortage in 2022 globally.
  • The OECD predicts that 1.1 billion jobs will undergo significant changes in the next decade due to technology integration.

The technology industry is seeing a shortage in digital skills. 75% of the companies reported talent shortages in 2022. As per OECD, the issue will become highly prominent that 1.1 billion jobs will have major changes due to the radical transformation by technology in the next decade.

According to various studies, while 43% of businesses plan to reduce their workforce due to technology integration, 80% of tech products and services will be created by non-tech professionals by 2024. It presents a dilemma, as the demand for digitally skilled talent is rising, but their numbers are limited.

Women and people from ethnic minorities face significant barriers to accessing tech jobs. Currently, only 26% of computing-related jobs are held by women, with even lower representation from minorities. As a result, obtaining digital skills and securing a well-paying career in the technology industry appears unattainable for these groups.

SAP’s Latest Digital Skills Initiative

SAP’s latest digital skills initiative is one opportunity that aims to increase access to digital skills, specifically targeting underrepresented groups in tech, such as women, ethnic minorities, and rural individuals.

Launched in November 2022, it has received significant interest, with over 4,000 women applicants and people from ethnic minorities already participating and enhancing their skills with SAP’s free, role-based learning resources.

Upon completion of a course, participants will receive a sponsored SAP certification, which will help secure a well-paying job in the industry. Applications are still open.

With this initiative, SAP hopes to bring a world-class learning experience to even more people. It is actively seeking partners and customers to explore sponsorship and internship options for some candidates who pass this certification exam. It can also lead to a full-time employment opportunity.

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