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Samsung Says: We Don’t Believe in Keeping Users Locked in A Closed Ecosystem

Key Highlights

  • Samsung says it doesn’t believe in keeping users locked in a closed ecosystem of Samsung devices for data security.
  • It integrated with giant companies like Google, Facebook, and other startups to improve the users’ overall experience.
  • It claims that the new OS developed for security increases the overall secure app experience.

In an interaction, Samsung said it does not believe in keeping users locked in a closed user ecosystem of Samsung devices to provide data security. Dr. Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security, Samsung Electronics, said they stand for openness rather than keeping people locked in a closed ecosystem. Openness doesn’t put them at greater risk, makes them stronger, and provides the safest and best experience possible.

Samsung is one of the most prominent partners for consumer devices to giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Samsung spoke about better integration with other companies, including startups, to improve the overall experience for end-users and is one of the most concerned companies which pays great attention to user ecosystem.

New OS Security Features

Talking about the security features, Dr. Shin said that they protect each layer of the device from the chipset to the OS and apps with hardware-backed security. They have developed an OS TEEgris, for security purposes that allow partners to use hardware cryptography, encryption, and access control for a more secure app experience.

He also mentioned that Samsung claims it runs integrity checks of key security components and functions to prevent unauthorized software from loading into the device. He added that Samsung recently introduced up to four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades on some Galaxy smartphones to extend the lifespan of these devices. In the end, Samsung believes that everyone deserves to feel safe no matter where they come from or how much they paid for their device.

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