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Apple AirPods Could Adjust Audio If Hazard Is Detected

Key Highlights

  • A new patent suggests that Apple Air Pods could adjust audio if any risk is detected.
  • This new safety feature can reduce or pause the audio if any hazard is detected based on the user’s location and movements.
  • The patent also mentions an exercise mat with sensors that could detect the users’ position details and allow effective exercise performance.

In the new patent, Apple suggests a safety feature that could be added to upcoming models. The Cupertino-based tech giant has received a patent for an Air Pods safety feature that could detect when a user is at risk from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Apple Air Pods Safety & Exercise Mat Features

The Air Pods will either pause or lessen the volume, which could help users identify and eliminate a potential danger. The patent also points to a smart workout mat that would analyze users’ safety and exercise efficiency.

Apple has secured a patent from the USPTO that indicates new safety features in Air Pods. The patent describes a contextual audio system that employs various types of data to determine a user’s location and/ or activity and adjust the system’s audio output. The audio device will get to know the user’s movements and notify them about risks by decreasing or shutting off the music.

For example, the audio may be muted or paused in locations such as job sites or a classroom, where it requires the user’s attention. The system will automatically make changes to audio settings if the user is standing on the side of the road with headphones in or riding a bicycle.

Based on the transmission of GPS data from the iPhone or Apple Watch, the audio output may be muted or halted to one or both ears depending upon the location detected.

The patent also mentions an exercise mat with sensors. The sensors of the exercise mat are arranged to detect the position details of the users. The sensors can determine whether the user is performing the activity right. It will have audio output with verbal instructions via Air Pods for correcting the user’s position. Apple has not yet revealed any details on the new safety feature.

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