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How Is Google Cloud Empowering AI and ML With Expanded Storage Capabilities?

Key Highlights

  • Google Cloud enhances AI and ML potential through new storage offerings like Google Storage Fuse and managed Parallelstore, tailored for technical users.
  • These innovations streamline data access and minimize IOPS impact, boosting development efficiency.

Google Cloud Platform has introduced two new storage services aimed at enhancing the performance and data accessibility of the file systems that serve as the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) applications.

New Storage Services by Google Cloud

One of the new storage services offered by Google Cloud is Google Storage Fuse and it is already accessible.

  • It allows applications to directly reach Google Cloud object storage buckets like regular files integrated into the user’s own file system.
  • This innovative approach eliminates the requirement to restructure application code, making it more convenient.

Another service, Parallelstore, is currently in private preview mode.

  • It’s designed to offer a managed parallel file system, catering to customers who aim to minimize the impact of storage input/output operations per second (IOPS) while working on tasks such as developing machine learning applications or engaging in high-performance computing.

In addition, Google Cloud will now provide the option to purchase Google Cloud NetApp Volumes as a managed service tailored for conventional enterprise file storage workloads. This service, which is already available, has Google’s full backing and replaces a previously existing managed file service on Google Cloud that was supported by NetApp.

Strategic Focus on Developers

These new offerings, Google Storage Fuse and Parallelstore have been strategically developed for developers, who constitute Google’s primary target audience. Steve McDowell, an analyst and founding partner at NAND Research, noted that Google has consistently catered to the technical audience, particularly those engaged in AI and analytics endeavors.


1. What are the new storage services introduced by Google Cloud?

Google Cloud has introduced Google Storage Fuse and managed Parallelstore to enhance storage capabilities for AI and ML applications.

2. Are Google Cloud’s new storage services currently available?

Google Storage Fuse is accessible now, while Parallelstore is in private preview mode.

3. How do new storage services of Google Cloud benefit AI and ML development?

They streamline data access, reduce IOPS impact, and provide a more convenient environment for coding and development, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of AI and ML projects.

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