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Demand For IT Pros Remains High Even When Layoffs Continue

Key Highlights

  • According to a new report by IT employment consultancy Janco Associates, even as high-profile layoffs continue in the technology sector, the demand for experienced IT professionals remains high.
  • As per Janco’s report, more than 100,000 jobs for experienced IT pros remain unfilled in the US.
  • Those job roles include coders, application design specialists, security and compliance specialists, and blockchain/ e-commerce engineers at all levels.

Approximately 100,000 jobs are filled monthly, with 12,000 to 14,000 newly created jobs. Over 37,000 new jobs were created in the technology sector of the labor market in the last three months.

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Layoffs in the Technology Industry Will Continue

Janco said that the focus in many IT organizations looking ahead to a possible recession would be to eliminate layers of management and increase the span of control for supervisors and managers while increasing engineering and coding positions.

The shortage in tech talent due to ongoing digitization efforts over the past two years and the Great Resignation saw enterprises fighting to bring aboard as many experienced tech workers as possible. Layoffs are expected to continue into 2023.

Experienced IT Pros Still In Demand

Unemployment in the tech sector has remained near-historic lows even as layoffs continue, hovering around 2.2%. That compares with the US unemployment rate of 3.7% as of October.

According to a jobs report from CompTIA, a nonprofit association for the IT industry and workforce, in 2022, tech industry employment has increased by 193,900 jobs, 28% higher than in 2021.

Janco said that experienced IT Professionals would be in high demand. Especially those who express a strong work ethic and are results-oriented. Positions that will be in less demand will be administrative & non-line supervisors and managers. He added that if the layoffs continue now, all bets are off. At that point, it’s not a skills issue as much as a massive oversupply of workers.

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