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Acronis Releases DLP To Tackle Rising Security Threats

Key Highlights

  • Acronis has launched the novel Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) pack for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
  • It is a game-changing solution that shields managed service providers (MSPs) and businesses of various sizes from data leakage.
  • Drawing from decades-long experience enabling MSPs in data protection, this expansion provides a solution to the main obstacles hindering broader adoption of DLP solutions: grueling months of roll-out and cumbersome, ongoing administration by highly skilled teams.

For years, organizations have struggled to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access via external attacks or insider risks like IT misconfigurations and human error, with only a handful of huge enterprises having the resources needed to manage the whole complexity and high deployment demands that come with the adoption of DLP.

Implementing DLP as a solution to eradicate unauthorized handling of sensitive information needs the organization to do a lot of work to “define sensitive information,” “formulate detection rules,” “examine control details,” and “improve monitoring.”

Acronis Advanced DLP

According to Global Industry Analysts Inc, as a new release into a market set to exceed US $6 billion by 2026, behavioral-based Acronis Advanced DLP is fully integrated into the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform.

It extends the platform’s unified data protection, cybersecurity, and management capabilities to prevent leakage across systems, data, and workloads regardless of location.

Acronis Advanced DLP ensures the following:

  • Protects sensitive data transferred across various user and system connections, including instant messaging and peripheral devices.
  • It uses the unified Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console agent for data visibility and classification.
  • It consists of out-of-box data classification templates for common regulatory frameworks, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.
  • Monitors for DLP incidents continuously with different policy enforcement options, enabling ongoing automated policy adjustment to business-specifics.
  • Provides robust audit and logging capabilities, allowing administrators to respond effectively to DLP events and conduct post-breach forensic investigations.
  • Turns up fast as a service for MSPs and the clients they support.
  • Provides immediate protection for prominent organizations evaluating complex and sophisticated DLP programs facing multi-year implementation cycles.

Initially debuted at RSAC 2022 with an Early Access Program, this usable form of DLP provides MSPs and businesses faster, easier deployment, and time-to-value while securing against all of the most common threats to data.

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