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Is Germany Capable Of Becoming A Major Military Power Again?

Key Highlights

  • Germany’s gradual defense spending and modernization increase signal its ambition to regain military power.
  • The nation’s pursuit of a delicate balance between historical sensitivities and emerging geopolitical challenges could determine its path toward military resurgence.

Germany has a long and storied history of military power. In the 19th century, the Prussian-led German Empire was one of the most powerful nations in the world. But, after World War II, Germany was disarmed, and its Germany military power was severely limited.

Growing Debates

Growing debates in recent years and shifts in global geopolitics and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has reignited a debate: Can Germany become a great military power again?

  • Several German politicians are advocating for a substantial rise in defense spending, emphasizing a moral obligation to do so due to Germany’s history of aggression.
  • Others argue that Germany should concentrate on economic and diplomatic power and that a strong military would threaten peace in Europe.

Germany’s Steps Towards Increasing Defense Capabilities

Germany embraced its role as a reliable NATO ally, contributing to peacekeeping missions and providing logistical support rather than engaging in offensive military operations.

  • Germany has been taking steps towards increasing its defense capabilities.
  • The nation has been gradually increasing its defense budget, investing in modernizing its armed forces and participating in international military exercises and missions.

Germany’s Path To Military Resurgence

Although Germany’s path to regain its position as a significant Germany military power is filled with complexities and obstacles rooted in history, politics, and society, recent talks and strategic changes suggest that the country’s role in defense and security could undergo notable transformations.


  1. Will Germany increase its defense spending?

Germany has announced plans to increase its defense spending to 2% of GDP. It is a significant increase from the current level of 1.5%.

  1. What factors are driving Germany’s ambition to regain military power?

The key factors to regain military strength of Germany include:

  1. The desire to address historical aggression
  2. Respond to evolving security challenges
  3. Contribute to NATO’s collective security efforts
  4. Will the German public support a stronger military role?

The decision to strengthen Germany’s military might face opposition due to strong pacifist sentiments among the public.

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