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Volkswagen Unveils ID2all Hatchback With 280 Miles Of Range

Key Highlights

  • Volkswagen is forging ahead in Europe with a new concept car from its MEB platform, the Volkswagen ID2all hatchback, while the world eagerly anticipates more information on Tesla’s long-awaited affordable electric vehicle. 
  • The ID2all promises up to 280 miles of range with a price tag of around 25,000 euros, or approximately $26,500.

Although the car is currently only planned for Europe, Volkswagen hopes that the ID2all will establish itself as a “love” brand and preview the company’s new design language based on stability, likeability, and enthusiasm.

There are some limitations to ID2all hatchback at present. Volkswagen has solely revealed plans to launch the ID2all in Europe, and it’s expected to arrive in 2025. Therefore, we will still have to wait for reasonably priced EVs from all manufacturers, not just Tesla. VW aims to establish itself as a “beloved” brand with this new model, aiming to ” popularize electric mobility,” according to Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

Features and Price Details

The ID2all hatchback from Volkswagen is set to hit European markets around 2025 and is based on the MEB platform. With an estimated price tag of $26,500, the new model promises a range of up to 280 miles. While the exterior features a C-pillar design similar to the VW Golf, the ID2all is almost 10 inches shorter overall and boasts a flat battery floor for more passenger and cargo space. The concept is front-wheel drive only, with 223 horsepower from a single electric motor, and includes tech features like IQ.LIGHT and Travel Assist. 

Volkswagen has plans to launch 10 new EVs by 2026, including the ID3, ID Buzz, and ID7, with additional models for Europe priced below $20,000. However, the company has not yet announced plans to bring the ID2all to the United States.

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