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Ultimate Toys – Offering Multipurpose Luxury Models

Even the world of luxury comes with problems. A majority of Sprinter conversions are designed to serve only one purpose, such as business travel or camping. Unfortunately, there is very little crossover from their intended application. Thus, to address the problem, Ultimate Toys offers multi-functional floor plans that comprise a wide variety of luxury amenities and features that permit people to utilize all their models for all sorts of purposes. These can be to entertain business clients, a mobile office, a night out in the town, tailgating, as well as family vacations. 

The Story Behind the Birth of Ultimate Toys

Gary Green, the Owner & Co-Founder of Ultimate Toys, was fortunate enough to travel across the nation in a 45-foot converted Prevost bus. However, endless maintenance, headache, and significant expenses bothered him. After nearly 15 years of annoyance, Gary started to look for a more diminutive, practical, and luxurious alternative. This is where Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes into play. It had a perfect size. However, its base lacked utility, function, and luxury. Even after years and years of searching, Gary never found a viable solution that would fulfill all these requirements. 

Noticing a potential opportunity, Gary decided to establish a business named Ultimate Toys. However, due to his busy schedule, he seeked help from his eldest son, Josh. He seemed to be more knowledgeable than Gary himself since he had spent almost 10 years in VC-backed, technology startups. Thus, with Josh leading the way, Gary and Josh developed the idea into a $100 million business. Today, Ultimate Toys is recognized as one of the most esteemed disruptors and brands in the entire industry. 

Ultimate Toys – A Need Turned into Business 

Ultimate Toys was a result of personal need and its founding had nothing to do with mass market appeal or profitability. As a matter of fact, it took several months of tweaking and meticulous planning to make sure that the prototype was the most luxurious, multifunctional, practical, and unique van possible. This is entirely contradictory to the conventional manufacturing model that relies on troves of industry data along with a team of engineers to constantly reinvent the wheel and save money. On top of it, the result is an unpractical and unsatisfactory user experience. 

Ultimate Toys, on the other hand, has continuously built upon its learnings and success of the prototype through the expansion of its fleet to include a model for everyone, and that too, without any sacrifices. Josh Green, the President at Ultimate Toys, adds, “This includes industry-leading electronics, plush seating, sleeping areas, custom wood appointments, and the industry’s largest rear bathrooms to name a few differentiators. Ultimate Toys never settles for the status quo and constantly seeks feedback from clients to continue elevating their vehicles and experience.” 

What does Ultimate Toys have in Store for its Customers?

Ultimate Toys has proven to be a leader in the industry. One of its most popular contributions is its flagship line of luxury Sprinter vans. The company offers various floor plans, catering to almost everyone’s needs. In fact, it is often called a “private jet on wheels”. Each Sprinter has been built from scratch with the use of state-of-the-art electronics, handcrafted woodwork, and hand-stitched interiors. 

Complimenting this, the company provides a luxury line of vans built on a RAM ProMaster, which has the same benefits but is low in cost. Further, Josh tells, “Most recently, we introduced a one-of-a-kind teardrop travel trailer and by definition, the Ultimate Jeep.”  

Regardless of the platform, the builds of the company are known to be the best-in-class, which clearly explains the thousands of happy clients throughout the world, including countless families, entrepreneurs, executives, and celebrities. Other than the unmatchable quality products, Ultimate Toys also provides excellent services to the customers before, during, and after the sale, thereby eliminating the problem of endless maintenance. “Our clients become our extended family and we treat them accordingly,” Josh boasts. 

What Makes Ultimate Toys Different?

To begin with, the origin of Ultimate Toys is entirely different from all businesses since the intention was never to start a business. Thus, the company was able to commence with a truly blank slate. Besides, since there wasn’t any prior industry experience, everything that was learned was on the go. And what indeed separates the business from others in the industry is that even after exponential growth in every phase of the venture, Ultimate Toys never swayed away from its core principles and client-centric approach. Even though a number of lucrative opportunities have presented themselves over the years, the company has always remained focused on becoming the best at what it does. 

Another crucial aspect of the company’s success is its belief in integrity and transparency. Josh says, “We do what we say, we treat everyone with equal respect, and we completely stand behind our products and clients. There are no games, gimmicks…” What’s more, he believes that the status quo must already be challenged. 

The industry in which Ultimate Toys competes is old-fashioned and the clients keep wanting more. Thus, to keep moving forward and continue to satisfy the customers, the company has maintained a culture of accountability and transparency. Everyone here is treated equally, which allows them to speak for themselves and give their best. 

Ultimate Toys – Appreciating Feedback, Further Satisfying Customers 

The foundation of everything that takes place at Ultimate Toys is customer satisfaction. President Josh Green strongly believes customer satisfaction is a primary attribute to scale and thrive successfully, “I remind our team at every opportunity that our clients are the very core of our business and without them, there is no business and therefore no jobs.” The team at Ultimate Toys audits everything on a routine basis, including personnel, communications, and processes so as to make sure that client satisfaction is always at the forefront of whatever is done. In case there is an opportunity to make improvements, it is immediately addressed and evaluated. 

The company is obsessed with service, which is why obtaining feedback is very rare. However, in case there is any, it treats each matter with utmost importance, urgency, and respect. Most of the time, the feedback is regarding the actual vehicle malfunctioning, something that is not in the direct control of Ultimate Toys. Nonetheless, irrespective of the type of problem, the company supports its clients and does everything in its power to ensure that the issue is entirely resolved. Truth be told, the rising volume of repeat purchases as well as referrals clearly indicates customer satisfaction.

What are the Further Plans of Ultimate Toys?

As Josh says, the plan is to “ultimately, becoming the best version of ourselves”. This encompasses initiatives for expanding the product offerings and serving even more customers. Further, the venture intends to support its team in their individual development and growth. And last but not least, there are plans of introducing new programs and benefits for the family of existing customers. 

Pull Quote: “Ultimate Toys never settles for the status quo and constantly seeks feedback from clients to continue elevating their vehicles and experience.”

Description of the Company: Ultimate Toys is America’s largest distributor and dealer of luxury Mercedes Sprinter conversion vans. 

Company Name: Ultimate Toys®

Office Location: 8956 Glendale Milford Rd, Loveland, Ohio

Official Website of the Company: www.ultimatetoys.com 

Name of the Featured Leader: Josh Green 

Designation of the Leader: President 

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