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The Future of 5G at IoT World 2022

Key Highlights

  • The demand for quick and secure connectivity solutions is also increasing as the world is being digitized faster.
  • In the future, the IoT & 5G will play a vital role in the personal and professional life of people.

Since many industries harness connected devices to gain a more streamlined business model, the demand for faster and highly secure connectivity solutions has also increased.

With the development of 5G, innovators are fine-tuning network connectivity and developing more accessible ways for companies to access it, with its full impact still being discerned.

At the IoT World Conference & Expo 2022, the future of 5G is a crucial topic under discussion with a series of roundtables and speakers dedicated to exploring the network and how it can be deployed in the way that best benefits the businesses, whether it may be a small scale commercial business or a large-scale industrial group.

Among the topics discussed, speakers spoke on the distinction between private and public 5G and how businesses can identify the best fit for them, as well as how satellites are being used to enable IoT connectivity at scale, and how to understand the changing IoT infrastructure landscape to make better business decisions.

Speakers of the expo include the Enterprise Applications Division members from the city of Phoenix, the mobile security group Giesecke + Devrient and others.

The Future of 5G and IoT

The future of 5G and IoT will have a considerable impact and play a vital role in both personal and professional settings. It is estimated that it will be even more in the future. Industries will become highly digitized, labor jobs will become less intensive, and more extraordinary safety measures can be implemented.

As 5G is implemented over the next few decades, it will benefit people from smart cities that track traffic data, reduce waste, and improve public transportation and utilities. Healthcare professionals will use amazingly accurate Augmented Reality (AR) technology to perform medical procedures remotely.

Smart grids will make energy production, tracking, and monitoring all highly efficient and help protect the environment. It will affect all industries, from agriculture to retail.

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