Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tackle AI: The Next-Gen AI tech solution for Modern Problems


The quest to solve the impossible has always benefitted mankind. The curious minds have always revolutionized the traditional practices leading the world into a more comfortable future. Joe Stecher (CEO and Co-founder at Tackle AI) and Sergio Suarez Jr. (CTO and Founder at Tackle AI) are the two curious minds that are continually striving to attempt the absurd and solve the impossible. The staff in the healthcare system was struggling in properly compile and administer patient’s records in a quick and accurate manner. This gap was noticed by Joe and Sergio which led them on a journey to provide a feasible AI solution. Several companies claimed to have an AI solution but it was nothing beyond spreadsheets and excel formulas behind a pretty interface or worse yet, humans doing the work manually behind the scenes. Joe and Sergio decided to build an intelligent workflow platform with real AI that would help not just the healthcare systems, but any businesses find, analyze, and organize all types of unstructured data found within any type of dynamically-changing document.

Initially, Tackle AI was directed towards revolutionizing healthcare system records but today it has grown to be the only AI solution that can analyze, understand, and organize any type of dynamically unstructured data without ever seeing the document before. Tackle Ai’s artificial intelligence also does not require human intervention to operate, nor require end users to learn a new software. As a result, this solution not only brings in massive operational efficiency gains but is also cost effective for the business. Presently, the processing of the unstructured data market is moving fast across all industries right now. Amid this competition, Tackle AI is focusing on becoming the premier, real AI for processing invoices in the accounting industry. “Through partners and industry analysis, we discovered that there didn’t exist a true end-to-end, fully automated invoice-to-accounts payable solution found within the Oracle NetSuite marketplace. NetSuite is one of the largest providers of accounting solutions, so it was a natural fit for Tackle AI to ‘tackle’ this missing intelligent workflow within the NetSuite marketplace,” explains Joe.

Tackle AI has distinguished itself in the industry by not just addressing marketing conditions like this but by also providing feasible solutions. In a conversation with Joe Stecher, we uncover the journey of Tackle AI and what makes it so agile and innovative. 

Firstly, could you share with us the story that led you on the journey to be a leader?

There isn’t any one story, or experience that makes someone a leader, myself included. I do think I was lucky enough early in my career to learn that a big title does not automatically equal a leader. For example, a boss gives out orders, sometimes pushes blame and often times takes credit from other more deserving people. Bosses are more about the “I” instead of the team. 

Leaders, however, not only have a vision, but go the extra mile to support others. To me a good leader will genuinely listen to others input. They give out all the credit and take the blame when necessary. A good leader will empower others and support them in a way that allows them to see their own true potential. A good leader will give direction when needed and know when to get out of the way. I’m not a perfect leader, I’ve made many mistakes, but you need to learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward. ABL – Always Be Learning.

Please could you elaborate on your perspective towards innovation?

We live in a world where innovation can come fast and in so many different forms and channels. The world is at the forefront of the next innovative revolution with advancements in artificial intelligence occurring at breakneck speeds. Tackle AI is proud to be part of that revolution. For many years, AI has been discussed and touted as being the next big thing in technology, unfortunately, most artificial intelligence applications have been lacking one major component, and that is the Intelligence portion of Artificial Intelligence. 

So, how does Tackle AI distinguish itself from the others in terms of innovation?

Tackle AI’s solutions are fundamentally different as compared to the others. Over the years, we have uncovered that many so-called AI companies are nothing more than complex if-then formulas that are reactive to the application discussed. Or armies of human power working manually behind the “automation” curtain. At Tackle AI, we aimed to build a strong foundation of intelligence into our AI. It has turned out to be very successful as our AI is an award-winning solution. Not only is Tackle AI faster and more accurate, but it’s more versatile and needs far less materials to train on. We also do not force our customers to learn a new workflow with our AI; we automate existing workflows, which is unheard of with AI.  We now have the most intuitive, revolutionary, AI for discovering and working with dynamic unstructured data that the world has ever seen. We aim to continue pushing the limits of what real intelligent automation means by continuously looking forward and evolving our AI to become faster, more intelligent, more agile, and more adaptive to the market.

Could you elaborate on the product which is anticipated to change the accounting industry?

Our most exciting product is called Tackle Invoices. With Tackle Invoices we can completely read, understand, extract data from, and process an invoice even if the look and design of that invoice has never been seen before. Unlike other solutions, there is no need for human intervention with Tackle Invoices. We completely automate the entire invoice-to-accounts payable process so that the accounting team does not have to do any of the manual labor of processing bills that need to be paid. For example, at one of our customers, we are automatically processing 85% of their invoices without them ever being seen by human eyes. That frees up a lot of time for more business-critical tasks to be completed instead. We believe this product will change the accounting industry as it is today!

Do you believe there are any further developments required in Tackle AI to flourish in the post-COVID era? 

We believe that the post-COVID era of intelligent automation is going to be exciting and full of continuous advancements that have yet to be invented and discovered. This market is evolving so fast and it is exciting to think about what the future holds for organizations like ours and the market as a whole. COVID has changed the way humans interact with each other both inside and outside of the business constructs; Tackle AI believes that more and more organizations will require intelligent automation to be implemented within their business in the post-COVID world and we are excited to be helping those businesses with our AI solution.

According to you, how can one make innovation an easy process?

Change is never easy. Innovation always needs to start with a question and a belief that things can be done more efficiently or better than they currently are. With Tackle AI, our tech is leading the charge for continuous improvements and innovation that is pushing the industry forward. We believe that anything is possible with the right effort and inquisitive knowledge behind it. Our team is focused on our motto to “attempt the absurd, solve the impossible” which is why we strongly believe that we are the logical solution for all businesses that seek out AI to complete their intelligent automation needs.

Lastly, are there any expansion or growth plans under pipeline? What can we expect from Tackle AI in 2022? 

Absolutely. Tackle AI has spent the past 4 years developing our tech from the ground up. We are finalizing our Seed+ round of investment capital which will allow us to expand the business side of our company. It’s time to let the best kept secret out of the bag and have our marketing/sales match how amazing our tech is. With minimal marketing thus far, we’ve grown our revenue by 500% and doubled the size of our team this past year. Can you imagine the growth with a proper marketing budget?! As a result, we look forward to picking up even more speed and growth over the next 12 months. We are excited about some new AI capabilities being released soon, so stay tuned to Tackle AI, the source for real intelligent automation.