Sunday, December 3, 2023

Simplified COO: Revolutionizing Operational Leadership with Passion for the Dental Industry

Founded in 2017, Simplified COO Shares its passion for the dental industry by helping others achieve success through operational leadership. The company has spent years partnering with DSO leadership and owner doctors helping them achieve the desired results and the deserving success.

Brainchild of an Industry Ingenious

Simplified COO is the brainchild of Kevin Wheeler who upholds over two decades of experience and expertise in the dental service organization space. Throughout his career, Kevin has worked diligently to be a respected leader, influencer, and coach. Under his leadership, his teams have achieved personal success and acquired over 107 performance-driven company awards throughout their DSO engagements.

Over 20 years, Kevin worked with several large dental service organizations where he held positions ranging from a single office manager to a C-suite executive. As much as he was grateful for spearheading strong teams, he also enjoyed helping these companies flourish. However, he desired to help more companies grow rather than one organization grow larger. As a result, he decided to take the leap and start his own business in order to focus on his vision. 

But, Kevin was faced with two primary challenges in the establishment phase of the company. Of which, customer acquisition was a challenge where he was required to connect with various small group leaders to offer my assistance. The other, getting business owners to understand that he could execute at a high level remotely. Despite various challenges, Kevin paved the way to establish Simplified COO and scale his vision. Currently, he spearheads the company at the forefront and contributes massively to its success. 

Hands-on Approach towards Success

Simplified COO focuses on dental entrepreneurs reach their goals and visions. What makes Simplified COO unique is the hands-on approach to ensuring success. Being at the helm, Kevin does not perceive the company as a consulting business, but rather as some advisement that definitely takes place. Moreover, he strives to work side by side with the operators to ensure implementation.  

Simplified COO is a fractional Chief Operations Officer service. Kevin handles leadership of all areas of the groups, including operations, financials, marketing, recruitment, training, and development. He offers his services for a fraction of a COO’s compensation until the organization is financially viable to hire a full-time local COO. He also aspires to recruit and train the new COO.

The most popular solution provided by Simplified COO is “case acceptance” training. This is the low-hanging fruit to increase revenue overnight. Each team member has a role in guiding the patient toward saying yes to the treatment diagnosed by the dentist. Creating the value of the treatment, instead of presenting the cost of the treatment to the patient creates a culture of “yes” in the offices and organization. 

 Inspired to Create a Culture of ‘Yes’

The primary vision of Simplified COO is to create a culture of “Yes”. The company strives to work with business leaders to develop strategic business plans and implement current plans. A positive outlook for the growth of businesses and their bottom lines. Moreover, the company aligns the businesses with new strategic partners while looking for ways to help dental teams overcome all external and internal challenges to getting the patients to accept and start treatment. 

Simplified COO is an internal team of one, but through strategic partners and networks, Kevin has many connections offering support. He leads a virtual team by partnering with others through relationships. Kevin also has other advisors who are willing to take on projects to assist him with supporting his clients. “At any time, I may have several strategic partners working with me on a single project. My colleagues expect high energy and a positive attitude when they are with me. I motivate by leading by example. I love what I do and I ensure my colleagues can express their best selves by focusing on what they love about the business,” remarks Kevin. 

Optimized Client Satisfaction

Speaking of its client satisfaction policy, Simplified COO ensures always asking for and accepting feedback. “I believe in a humble and transparent relationship with my clients and colleagues. If you keep aware, you will recognize when others are not aligned with you and your vision,” says Kevin. 

The company’s goal is to always work through challenges with the clients so that everyone can agree on the end result being something they can value. This has helped to not have any poor reviews. This is very important because 60% of the business comes through referrals of happy clients. 

To date, Simplified COO has successfully catered to its evolving client requirements. The company spearheads strongly on every financial basis while being primed to ramp up accelerated growth by acquiring new clients to serve. Kevin remarks that the company’s success is measured more by the number of business leaders it has to support. 

Aiming for Continued Proliferation in the Future

Simplified COO continues to grow fast through client referrals. It accepts frequent requests from clients on project work. Whether it is putting together a business plan, creating cultures, developing onboarding programs, training team members, or writing strategic operating manuals; the company projects which often flourish into long term client relationships. 

With the onset of 2023, Kevin is bringing on new operators and strategic partners. Growth is blooming and having the chance to help more dental business entrepreneurs is very exciting. Kevin’s network of colleagues and strategic partners has set Simplified COO up for scalable success. Additionally, his network of partners has enabled him to have over 10,000 industry leaders in all sectors of the dental field. “It is something that is very important to me and I take great pride in working with amazing people. I work with a few investor groups to support dental group acquisition strategies. This allows me to always be speaking with potential new clients,” concludes Kevin. 

“We engage teams to look at frequent challenges in new ways. We implement ways for dental offices to engage their patient base and their communities.”

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