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Scenic Landscaping – Offering Sustainable Landscaping Services

Today, a number of people seek landscaping services for different purposes but it does not come without problems. As a matter of fact, the main issue is that people generally do not have any expertise associated with landscaping and yet put forth their desires. Due to a lack of knowledge, they do not consider factors like workforce, weather, and availability of plants and materials. This becomes a key challenge for landscaping companies since they either have to sway their client into changing their decision or have to completely deny them services. 

Due to his extensive knowledge and ability to manage a large group of people, Deoraj Shamah decided to start a landscaping business of his own. The fact that he had gained experience in landscaping in 37 years led his company to be a leader in the industry. 

Established in 2016, Scenic Landscaping (Pty) Ltd offers a wide variety of top-notch services. Thanks to the intimate knowledge of the Company Director, Shamah, who is mastered in environmental challenges of landscaping in the nation and is well-versed in logistics, employment, and bureaucratic hurdles unique to doing business in the archipelago. 

Providing Landscaping Services to Various Sectors 

Scenic Landscaping is an environmentally-conscious business that offers professional services to numerous sectors, including agricultural, commercial, residential, and tourism, in all forms and sizes. In the words of Shamah, “We strive to create environments that are practical and appealing, as well as environmentally friendly, promote sustainability and the use of indigenous plants.”

The Scenic Landscaping Team is highly proficient in the field. The company does everything in its power to provide its staff with the training required for certain tasks. Hence, when its team is sent to any site, the venture ensures to look for all the expertise and specifications required. Shamah tells that the ones that are “chosen are those with the appropriate requirement needed to get the job done in the given scope of time.”

The company offers a wide array of services, which includes management of landscape installation contracts as well as landscape installation, and maintenance for all commercial, leisure, residential, and industrial contracts. Further, Scenic Landscaping also aids its clients in planning, designing, costing, and implementing projects. 

In order to get the best results and customer satisfaction, the company also delivers landscape consultancy and proposals for all landscape requirements. Finally, to ensure that high-quality services are provided, Scenic Landscaping provides training to landscape technicians so as to develop their skillset. 

What Makes Scenic Landscaping Unique?

Scenic Landscaping was awarded Seychelles Award For Excellence In Regional Environmental Rehabilitation 2022. What’s more, the company has become one of the preferred landscaping businesses in Seychelles in such a short span. It has high-profile clients that rely on the company’s expert services in environmental rehabilitation, consulting, maintenance, irrigation, and landscaping. 

The way in which a business handles its problems speaks a lot about it and even through its challenges, Scenic Landscaping has found a way to stand out in the industry. Shamah says, “The staff gives us lots of issues with absenteeism and sometimes the work scheduled cannot be completed in the time frame”. 

In the case of such a situation, the company offers free services for a certain period as compensation. Moreover, when it comes to recruitment, the company believes in employing locals first, which is why they are considered to be the top priority. 

The mission of Scenic Landscaping is to offer turnkey solutions in the field of irrigation, landscaping, and horticulture design, construction, and management, while encouraging the utilization of high-end, innovative products, techniques, and materials. So far, the venture has been clearly working up to its mission. It has been offering state-of-the-art, innovative products, providing world-class landscaping services, ensuring sustainability and biodiversity, as well as creating a healthy work environment. 

Further Plans of Scenic Landscaping

Even though the venture has won the hearts of clients in Seychelles, Scenic Landscaping strives to be the most respected and reputable landscaping company in the Indian Ocean. The objective is to expand geographically to attain the aim. Deoraj Shamah shares the further plans of the company with us, “We are thinking of opening other branches in the neighboring countries and giving the chance to staffs to gain overseas experience through exchange programs.”

Pull Quote: “We strive to create environments that are practical and appealing, as well as environmentally friendly, promote sustainability and the use of indigenous plants.”

Description of the Company: Scenic Landscaping (Pty) Ltd is a landscaping company in Seychelles that offers services in landscaping, irrigation, maintenance, and environmental rehabilitation. 

Company Name: Scenic Landscaping (Pty) Ltd

Founding Year: 2016

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Deoraj Shamah

Designation of the Leader: Company Director

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