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Robots to Automate Kitchen for 24-Hour Operations

Key Highlights

  • RoWok has been designed to automate kitchens for operating 24 hours by both SJW Robotics and Compass Group Canada.
  • RoWok also solves the challenge of finding enough space for kitchen services designed to work with human workers.

SJW Robotics and Compass Group Canada have come together to launch an automated 24-hour kitchen robotic solution, dubbed RoWok. These kitchen robots have been designed to align with the market gap for those people who work for long hours, providing hot, fresh meals to those who study after work or for those who work in night shift jobs.

Three 24*7 RoWok robots will be tested in selected Canadian operations under the collaboration. The Chief Innovation Officer at Compass, Michael Hachey, said that they are adapting to various needs in the market and augmenting existing hot food service models that typically require labor and a full-service kitchen. He added that people never used to think about grabbing a hot, fresh, customized meal at 3 a.m. as it was simply not available, but now it’s possible.

RoWok also solves the challenge of locating enough space for kitchen services, enwrapping only 100 square feet. The service will be able to make more than 60 meals per hour, providing a small-scale alternative to larger kitchen operations in locations such as hospitals and university cafeterias where people frequently work during non-business hours.

Nipun Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at SJW Robotics, said that their team had developed a fully autonomous QSR solution with one goal in mind, i.e., to cook incredibly fresh and great-tasting meals at high speed.

The solution was designed to work alongside human workers, supplementing their work during antisocial hours to reduce labor and cost concerns typically associated with round-the-clock service. Food service workers will still be required to prepare, stock, and monitor the food quality and service.

Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics are exploring potential pilot locations across Ontario, with plans to install the three trial RoWok machines in health care, educational, and business spaces.

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