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Prep School Uses Wasabi Storage To Secure Student Data

Key Highlights

  • A prep boarding school that required to secure student data found the answer through a combination of cloud storage and hyper-converged infrastructure software.
  • Wasabi Technologies’ cloud storage, alongside software by HYCU and Nutanix, allowed the IT team at the Hotchkiss School, based in Lakeville, to back up and secure important educational data at a lower cost than cloud hyperscalers.

The 600-student preparatory school for grades nine through 12 supports a diverse student population across the globe, with dormitories spread around hundreds of acres.

According to Kevin Warenda, director of IT services at the Hotchkiss School, several problems are solved by combining cloud products from Wasabi Technologies, Nutanix, and HYCU.

Budget Backups

Scott Sinclair, practice director at TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, said that educational facilities face unique IT challenges that struggle with smaller budgets and older hardware.

He said that several cloud products encourage looser hands on the budget, specifically with data ingress and egress fees, or need up-to-date hardware. Tools like Wasabi can stabilize fluctuating costs and bring costs under control.

Kevin Warenda, director of IT services at Hotchkiss SchoolKevin Warenda said that keeping costs low is a priority for the administration. Still, cost savings should not supersede ease of use or data safety.

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The data management stack of the IT department uses Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure to create and manage VMs while using HYCU to secure data on Nutanix. Backups and snapshots are then stored in Wasabi’s object storage, further securing the data with features like immutability, which prevents changes to snapshots should anyone gain access to them.

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Warenda said that Wasabi is low cost, solely on how much storage is being used, with no other fees for accessing or restoring, which makes it predictable for budget purposes.

Wasabi completed a series D funding round earlier this December, collecting $15 million from funding partners like Azura, SiS Cloud Global Tech Fund 8, and Prosperity7 Ventures, among others. Wasabi compiled $125 million in equity earlier this fall.

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