Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Plandisc: The 360 Planning Tool that the modern business requires


The pandemic brought a swift digital transformation throughout the world. In the post-pandemic world, several companies have adopted advanced technologies and are operating through a hybrid model. In this new world of business operation, Plandisc is helping businesses to map their rhythm of business through its 360 digital planning tool. Organizations that don’t have an overview and a clear schedule – will never realize, nor reach their full potential. 

Plandisc was initially started as an idea of digitalizing the year-wheel used by teachers. Today the company has grown immensely and ranks among the preferred planning tools of more than 1000 organizations in Scandinavia. Initially, the team was made of 6 employees among which four members were the founders. Now the Plandisc team consists of 30 employees from around the world gathered in the office of Aarhus – the city where it all began. Furthermore, the company is also one of the top-of-mind companies in the school and municipality sectors, and simultaneously is diversifying into many new sectors and demonstrating positive growth. 

World’s First Circular Digital Calendar

The idea for Plandisc 360 calendar originated in Denmark as a digital planning tool for schools. But soon after the launch, the demand for digital planning tools was beyond the school sector and all kinds of organizations started using the tool for their planning processes. Plandisc is the world’s first circular digital calendar, or what Scandinavia calls a ‘year-wheel’. Addressing the rising demand, the Plandisc team continues to develop the tool to meet the diverse requirements of the rising user base. 

The Plandisc 360 tool is both easy and visual, alongside being shareable and interactive. It is an ideal tool for visualizing the rhythm of business generating transparency to break down the silos that slow down the organization. Plandisc is an innovative and creative way to set up the annual plan for the organization. Its planning tool is distinguished from the competitors for the unique 360 view it offers. 

Continually Co-developing the tool

The Plandisc team is continually working on co-developing the product to meet the demands of the users. The focus is always on providing an instant overview to organizations and letting them collect all tasks, documents, activities, and meetings in one place. The 360 planning calendar can be used by managers, departments, or organizations as a whole in a multitude of ways. The 360 planning calendar can be used to visualize the process, or set up a clear calendar where the user can view everything in one glance. Plandisc offers the user the flexibility to schedule meetings or customize the planner according to the needs and share them in a suitable view. The user can decide if the view can be edited or inaccessible.

The sky’s the limit; only your imagination can stop you from finding ways to use Plandisc.

Plandisc planner helps you stay away from the traditional list forms and whiteboards. The key distinguisher of Plandisc is that the team has developed the tool based on feedback from the users. The unique product enables the user to view the user-company relationship distinctively. The team continually listens to the users’ feedback and develops the product to meet their specific needs. “We make it our mission to develop and implement new functions to help them realize their planning process. We think that makes for loyal customers, and that is why they pick us year after year.”

Creating the best User experience

Plandisc is highly customer-centric and revolves the efforts towards creating the best user experience. Plandisc co-develops and co-designs everything keeping the customers at the center. The motivation for continuous efforts and hard work comes from the zeal to deliver the best for the users. Plandisc collects the feedback and listens to what they say and combines the user data and develops the tool to meet the needs of the customers. This helps the team to create the best experience for both existing and new users. 

During COVID, the sudden digital transformation was not easy. Plandisc wanted to make this transformation smooth and help people attain the in-office experience while working remotely. With the rising demand for integration of Plandisc and Microsoft Teams so that people could work together without sitting in the same room. The team of Plandisc worked day and night to create the Plandisc in-app for Teams which made it possible for the users to stay in teams while having access to the features of Plandisc. It recently became fully integrated with Microsoft Office. 

As a digital and innovative company, Plandisc is always inspired by technical developments & software engineering and is always looking for new companies and programs to cooperate and integrate with. Plandisc has always been recognized for its successful integrations and is continually looking out for more integrations. 

Conquering unexplored territory

In November 2021, Visma decided to invest in Plandisc and now the company is part of the Visma family. Today Visma Plandisc is a crucial part of Visma Public and continually is seeking ways to integrate its product with those of other Visma companies. “This is what we will focus on for now, while still keeping our users involved in the process by getting intel from them on how our integrations would benefit them the most.” Plandisc has a planned roadmap of innovative features and integrations for the year 2023. The company is also looking forward to expansion and conquering unexplored territory in Europe and jumping headfirst into the big American market.


“Plandisc strives to provide you with the best interactive visual tool for your planning needs.”