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NFT NYC Event Highlights: Web3 Culture Is The Future

Key Highlights

  • As per the NFT NYC event reports, despite declining overall NFT sales volume, the NFT scene is still thriving and evolving with unique use cases in art, fashion, and entertainment.
  • The global cybersecurity market is expected to grow, driven by the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and smart devices.

Despite declining overall NFT sales volume, the NFT scene is far from dead, according to reports from the NFT NYC events. Attendees reported a lively atmosphere full of energy and positivity, reinforcing that NFT and Web3 culture is still alive despite the bear market.

Over 180 events took place across the city in three days, including the following:

  1. A scavenger hunt hosted by NFT influencer Gmoney and his Web3 luxury brand, 9dcc.
  2. Participants hit at least seven different locations across the city, scanning their phones at each stop to earn a POAP (proof-of-attendance protocol) NFT.
  3. Participants also received a 9dcc ballcap at the first stop of the scavenger hunt, with attendees reportedly raving about the creativity of the experience.

NFT NYC Event Highlights Unique NFT Use Cases In Art, Fashion, and Entertainment

Commercial artist Jeremy Booth partnered with Wrangler for a custom Western-themed black denim jacket embedded with an NFC (near-field communication) chip. Anyone who scanned the chip received a Concrete Cowboys “proof of friendship” POAP with Booth’s artwork, combining original art, fashion, and an IRL experience.

NFTs built on the Bitcoin blockchain were also displayed at a Bitcoin-themed bar in Manhattan. Bitcoin maximalists who once shunned NFTs are now buzzing about Taproot Wizards, Bitcoin Apes, and Ordinals on Magic Eden.

David Bianchi, a veteran TV actor, was in town to promote his forthcoming dystopian sci-fi series “RZR,” set to premiere in July on the new streaming platform from Gala Film, a division of Web3 gaming company Gala Games. The eight-episode series is produced by a Web3 company for Web3 release, with show creator Bianchi’s production company selling NFTs to spur engagement.

Web3 Culture Is The Future Of Crypto

The unique use cases of the technology in art, fashion, and entertainment, and in ways that reward artists and creators, highlight what excites many people about Web3 right now.

Yat Siu, Animoca Brands chairman who is making a billion-dollar-bet on the metaverse, recently stated, “We think the future of crypto, and Web3 generally, is all culture, if it weren’t for that artist or musician, you wouldn’t have Netflix, you wouldn’t HBO, you wouldn’t have Sony PlayStation, you wouldn’t have a TV.” The lively atmosphere at NFT NYC events reinforces the belief that the future lies in Web3 culture and its many unique applications.

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