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New Research Says: CBD Can Help People Quit Smoking

Key Highlights

  • If you’re looking to quit smoking, figuring out where to start can be tough. Should you try nicotine patches, hypnosis, or quit cold turkey? 
  • According to recent research, CBD may be a viable option that can help people quit smoking.

A team of researchers from Washington State University conducted a study and found that CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, could potentially inhibit nicotine metabolism and help people quit smoking. They tested the effects of CBD on human liver tissue microsomes and specialized cell lines to see how it impacted nicotine metabolism.

The researchers discovered that several enzymes, including CYP2A6, which plays a significant role in nicotine metabolism, were inhibited by CBD. As a result, they concluded that CBD might help reduce the desire to smoke.

Study Findings

Studies suggest that the CYP2A6 enzyme metabolizes over 70% of nicotine, and low CBD doses could inhibit its activity.

CBD Helps People Quit Smoking

According to Jon Robson, the CEO, and founder of medical cannabis clinic Mamedica, CBD could potentially be a non-addictive substitute for cigarettes and help people quit smoking in various ways. 

How Can CBD Usage Help People Quit Smoking?

Robson believes CBD can ease stress and anxiety, which is often used as a crux to manage to smoke. It could help people quit smoking in numerous ways, including the following:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

By reducing anxiety, CBD can help people cope with the withdrawal symptoms that occur when quitting smoking. In addition, CBD may help reduce nicotine cravings, as it has the potential as a treatment for drug addiction. Vaporized CBD, in particular, maybe a good alternative, as users inhale the vapor and mimic the action of smoking, which can become a replacement for the repetitive motion of smoking. 

Reduce Inflammation

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that benefit overall health and can make quitting smoking easier. Chronic smoking can lead to inflammation and damage to the lungs, and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may reduce inflammation and promote healing in the lungs. 

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