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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Is Back To Operations After Glitch

Key Highlights

  • For several days there was a glitch noticed in the James Webb Space Telescope that is worth science observation.
  • The new and the most powerful space telescope is back into science operations now.

According to NASA, the mission personnel of the Webb space telescope spent nearly two weeks fighting a glitch that was initially started on 7th December. The officials said the glitch did not affect the telescope and resumed its normal science operations on 20th December.

The officials mentioned that the hardware of the onboard fault management system worked as anticipated, and the hardware, such as the observatory and instruments, are all good.

One Year For JWST

It will cross one year for the start of the James Webb Space Telescope in space on 25th December. The observatory faced two issues in the previous year.

  • A micrometeoroid impact created more damage than environmental models had expected.
  • The observatory’s mid-infrared instrument (MIRI) experienced a problem with one of its observing modes.

Recent Issue Faced By JWST

The latest issue detected by the Webb space telescope is the first one that was noticed and has paused all science operations across the laboratory.

The attitude control system of the James webb space telescope secures the observatory from the sun and would be able to reach Earth, according to NASA. This system has faced a software glitch starting from 7th December.

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The good thing is that the glitch moved the telescope into safe mode instead of waiting for engineers to investigate the problem. The telescope observatory entered safe mode and recovered from the issue multiple times. This issue has resulted in many pauses in science operations for a few days.

The officials mentioned that the observations of the James webb space telescope that were missed would be rescheduled whenever possible. Currently, the issue is under control after mission personnel adjusted the commanding system. Normal operations of the telescope are back in action on 20th December to mark its first anniversary in space.

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