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More investments towards science innovation, professor urges the government

Key Highlights:

  • Lagos State University (LASU) held the 83rd inaugural lecture at the institution.
  • Daunda outlines the importance of scientific innovation for the welfare of Nigeria.
  • Investment in technology will not render human resources irrelevant.

In the recent lecture of “Managing Technological Challenges: Workers’, employers’ and Governments’ Perspectives”, the Professor of Industrial Relations and HR Management, Yunus Dauda, has urged the government at all levels to invest in science innovation centers across the country’s universities. Prof. Dauda also highlighted that up-to-date science and technology centers in universities will help meet the challenges of the economy.

The lecture took place at Lagos State University (LASU), and Prof. Dauda delivered the 83rd inaugural lecture of the institution. In his lecture, he stated that to benefit from global technology, the Nigerian government should direct the resources and policies towards improving technological innovation for improved organizational performance.

Science innovation vs human

Prof. Daunda outlined that the nation is in poverty when the human development index is low. This happens when life expectancy, health, education, income, and participation in the social life of the people are very low.

Giving his insights on humans vs machines, he encouraged man’s creativity and ingenuity to create technology and that machines are here to serve the human race and not the other way around. “Many scientists have argued that technology will soon take over all jobs in industries and render human resources useless. My studies and findings over the years dismissed these arguments that technology cannot displace workers completely from their jobs,” he added.

Nigeria Government step towards the development

There have been several debates on the man vs machine topic. However, manpower will be required across industries and organizations. The former British Steel Chief, Finniston also stated that technological development will not make human resources irrelevant.

Today the global economy is driven by technology and investing in science innovations will further advantage the nations. Prof. Daunda believes that Nigeria has not been able to substantially explore, manufacture, and use technologies to further enhance the well-being of the citizens.

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