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Microsoft To Introduce Mouse Gestures Feature To Edge In Upcoming Version 112

Key Highlights

  • Microsoft is planning to introduce the mouse gestures feature to Edge, providing users with a new set of options for executing common actions. 
  • This comes as a surprise, as the feature was previously not expected to be supported. 

According to a documentation report by Neowin, the updated Edge policy documents currently include a section on configuring the mouse gesture feature. This feature is planned to be introduced in version 112 of the Edge browser. 

Although this feature is not being tested, it is anticipated to be added to beta versions of Edge, Microsoft’s web browser, in the near future.

Other web browsers have successfully implemented mouse gestures, which involve using a combination of mouse movements and clicks to perform various actions. 

Mouse Gestures Feature To Edge

What’s interesting is that Microsoft previously indicated that mouse gestures would not be added to Edge. However, the feature has been frequently requested by users, who see it as a way to enhance the browser’s functionality. Despite this feedback, Microsoft has not given much attention to the request in the past. Nonetheless, it appears that the company has now decided to implement this feature in the upcoming version of Edge.

These gestures are particularly useful for power users who prefer shortcuts to complete tasks quickly. With just a simple swipe or flick of the mouse, users can refresh a page or close a tab, for example.

According to a recent feedback summary by Neowin, which listed potential Edge additions for November 2022, mouse gesture support was marked as “not planned” just a few months back. 

However, Microsoft has since changed its position and is considering adding this feature to Edge. This is good news for users who have been requesting this functionality. The feature is expected to be included in the upcoming Edge 112, which is only a few versions away (the beta is currently at v110).

Apart from these mouse gestures, another change could come to Edge, as rounded corners may soon be introduced to the browser. This change has been a debate among users about whether this will be a positive or negative change to the browser’s design.

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