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Microsoft Teams Premium Version Will Be Available From February 2023

Key Highlights

  • Microsoft Teams Premium is a new tier of the application that was first announced at the Ignite event in October.
  • It is planned to be available from February 2023.

Teams Premium is a new tier of Microsoft Teams collaboration applications initially announced at Microsoft’s Ignite event in October. It is planned to be generally available from February this year.

Microsoft Teams Premium Features

Teams Premium offers advanced security features such as watermarking, end-to-end encryption, and sensitivity labels for virtual meetings with over 50 participants. These features prevent participants from copying and pasting meeting chats.

In addition, Teams Premium users can turn on live translation for captions from 40 languages. Customers hosting webinars will have advanced webinar capabilities like registration waitlist and manual approval. Separate virtual greenrooms for presenters and attendees before an event begins will be available. There will be an option to manage better what attendees see and allow them only to see shared content and participants you bring on-screen.

AI-powered recaps, to-do lists, and action items are available in this new Teams version so that follow-ups are not missed.

Team Premium Version Pricing

It requires an add-on license over a Microsoft 365 subscription and is expected to be priced at $10 per user per month. Microsoft has said it will not reveal the final price until the tool is available. It is set to be generally available in February.

In a blog post, Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Microsoft Teams, said that Microsoft’s new offering is intended to help make every meeting more personalized, intelligent, and secure. She wrote that the virtual and hybrid meetings continue to take up the lion’s share of time spent at work. Leaders need an integrated solution that combines all the advanced meeting capabilities, takes meeting culture to the next level, and allows them to do more with less.

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