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Microsoft Azure Introduces DDoS IP Protection For SMBs

Key Highlights

  • Microsoft is expanding the Azure DDoS Protection family with a new product concentrating on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • The product, DDoS IP Protection for SMBs, was launched at Microsoft’s Ignite conference and is currently in public preview.

Microsoft said that DDoS IP Protection for SMBs is designed to offer enterprise-grade DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection at a price attractive to SMBs. Currently, with the new product, Microsoft‘s Azure DDoS Protection family has two programs: DDoS IP Protection for SMBs and DDoS Network Protection for enterprises.

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DDoS IP Protection For SMBs

The DDoS IP protection for SMBs can be used to secure even a single public IP address. Microsoft said that it delivers similar services that larger organizations use.

The new product can assist companies defend against L3/L4 DDoS attacks with monitoring and adaptive tuning designed to ensure the application is always secured. It also ensures that all customers using Public IPs on Azure are secured.

According to CISA, L3/L4 DDoS attacks are volumetric attacks on network infrastructure. L3 is an attack on the network infrastructure, whereas L4 is an attack on the transport layer infrastructure. These attacks rely on massive volumes of data to slow down web server performance, consume bandwidth, and degrade legitimate users’ access.

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Benefits of DDoS IP Protection

The new product offers traffic monitoring, integration with the firewall manager, automatic attack mitigation, mitigation reports and flow logs, the Azure Sentinel data connector, and workbooks.

The enterprise version of the product consists of cost protection, a web application firewall discount, and DDoS rapid response support, which are not available in the SMB grade. SMBs can provide IP Protection through the Azure preview portal or the PowerShell.

Azure DDoS Protection combines with other Azure services for real-time alerts, metrics, and insights.

The product is available at a fixed cost of US$199 per month for every public IP resource protected, with no extra variable costs. Billing for IP Protection will be available starting on 1st February 2023.

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