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Micron’s 1.5TB microSD Card Available For Sale But Is Expensive

Key Highlights

  • The world’s first 1.5TB microSD card, Micron’s MTSD1T5ANC8MS-1WT, is finally available for purchase after more than seven months.
  • Tech wholesalers such as Mouser, Arrow, and Avnet have listed the card, known as the i400, on their websites. 
  • However, depending on the quantity and location, customers may have to wait up to four months to receive the card. 

Newark has the lowest price at $420.53, with free delivery. Buying atleast 12,000 of these cards would result in a price drop to $381, totaling over $4.5 million for 18 petabytes of solid-state storage, which should weigh no more than 4 kilograms. Keep in mind that the microSD is smaller than a fingernail, and it is recommended to back up its data using a cloud storage solution, as there is no free cloud storage that can accommodate 1.5TB.

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Future of 1.5TB Capacity Micron microSD

Micron was the first company to release a 1TB microSD card, the C200, which is now almost four years old. 

The relative availability and average price of 1TB microSD cards have recently improved. The future of 1.5TB capacity as the top of the line is uncertain, as Kioxia unveiled a 2TB Exceria Plus prototype in September 2022, with a tentative 2023 launch that will depend on market demand. 

When purchasing the Micron’s 1.5TB microSD, it is important to note that its formatted capacity is 1,430,511 megabytes. Currently, two of the largest solid-state storage vendors, Samsung and Kingston, have yet to release microSD cards with a 1TB or higher capacity.

Silicon Power Model

The Silicon Power model is the cheapest 1TB microSD card, priced at $87.99. It is roughly a third of the price per TB of Micron’s i40. However, numerous fake 1TB microSD cards are available on Amazon’s marketplace, and this issue still needs to be resolved. 

It is recommended to buy microSD cards from one of the following 14 brands: Samsung, Kingston, SP/Silicon Power, Teamgroup, Sandisk, WD, PNY, Lexar, Inland, Gigastone, Patriot, Transcend, Amazon Basics, and MicroCenter. Any other brands should not be trusted.

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