Saturday, December 2, 2023

Megan Marsh & Andres Munar : Helping People Buy their Dream Homes effortlessly

When one seeks out to invest in their dream homes finding the perfect property is only half a battle, the other half is finding the right mortgage type. Keystone Alliance Mortgage is the perfect home mortgage partner that has simplified and streamlined the mortgage process. One can define their mortgage goals and see if they qualify for the process which takes only 60 seconds to get started. Keystone Alliance Mortgage is the brainchild of two visionaries Megan Marsh & Andres Munar.

The Co-founder duo were solopreneurs but joined forces to establish Keystone Alliance Mortgage which is now creating a safe and inclusive environment for the clients and team members. Andres is an Inc. 500 Recognized Mortgage Professional and Co-founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage. Since 2006, he has continued to be a multi-million dollar producer and delivering excellent results. Throughout his journey, Andres has been awarded numerous accolades and recently was named as one of the Top 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals. Megan is also an Inc. 500 Recognized Mortgage Professional and Co-founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage. She has over 15 years of extensive experience as a Mortgage Broker. Since her first year in the mortgage industry, Megan has been one of the top-producing mortgage loan originators and consistently been a multi-million dollar producer.

One cannot go far in a journey without a team of people to rely on. Andres and Megan realized that they could only go so far alone. In order to grow, they needed a team and find people with strengths that were better than theirs and help others achieve their dreams by doing what they were born to do.

Keystone Alliance Mortgage is currently helping customers with the best home mortgage products on the market in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. However, being one of the fastest-growing companies the team intends to geographically expand to other states.

Equipped to Serve the New Market

like other industries, the mortgage industry undergoes several changes and recently has witnessed a shift in the market in regards to how consumers want to do the business. This has led to where originators hang their license matters thru focusing on a shared vision and greater purpose Keystone Alliance team members are better equipped to serve the new market. Keystone Alliance offers access to the best information, products, and tools, to its clients as well as team members, to build the financial future of their dreams. “We’ve been able to accomplish this by putting people before profit and understanding that collaboration is the key to our success,” explains Andres.

Keystone Alliance Mortgage understands that every individual has a different financial situation and thus offers a wide range of mortgage products and services that fit the consumers’ requirements. The company specialized in residential and commercial mortgages. The distinguishing factor of Keystone is that as a mortgage broker they represent the customers and are there to serve them with products that actually yield the best results rather than offering the easy ones or the ones that benefit only the company and not the client. This has also been the reason behind stemming the highly diversified portfolio that meets the home purchase needs leaving no client behind.

Top-Notch Customer Service

The Keystone Team is dedicated to superior customer service and ultimate client satisfaction. These experts can easily guide the first-time home buyer or refinancing client through the entire mortgage process from application to closing and beyond. Their matchless customer service is often praised by its clients and they continually receive positive feedback. Praising the loan process one such testimonial read, “No words can explain how perfect the process of buying a home has been with Keystone Alliance—I personally worked with Tatiana and she made this so smooth and pleasant, I will do it all over again! Thank you so much for having all the patience in the world with my Dad and me and answering all our questions rapidly and with amazing humor—I feel like I have known Tatiana for some time and we are two friends doing paperwork—I recommend it highly!” – Yariela C.

Don’t Succumb to Failure

The journey to the top is never easy. We often come across several success stories but fail to see the mistakes that got them closer to the goal. Failures often discourage the spirit but failure is part of life and business. Andres and Megan have learned to embrace failure and look for opportunity in those failures. Explaining their perspective on failure they state, “Many leaders show their trophies and awards and fight the truth of how we got to success due to shame and embarrassment of their battle wounds but when people see you on their level as being vulnerable that’s when you start winning and lead thru example during times of adversity.”

Being veterans in the industry they have faced a fair share of challenges and never succumbed to the failures which make their journey inspirational. Even under the catastrophic environment of COVID-19, the duo was dedicated to helping the team as well as their clients in sustaining the challenges. Keystone Alliance curated a Mortgage Resource page. Understanding the financial crisis for families and businesses, Keystone wanted to be part of the solution. The page is a resource for the clients to assist them with whatever particular circumstance may be.

Tips for better Financial Planning

Andres and Megan are proficient with financial planning and are ranked as one of the best Mortgage professionals. They have shared a few pieces of advice for better financial planning, and state that one should not focus on small details like interest rates and start investing NOW. For instance, even if the starting investments is only $100 a month in a saving account, imagine the compound interest on that over 30-40 years. Another one of their favorite financial planning house hacks is when buying your first home buy a 2-4 unit property with an FHA loan since the down payment is only 3.5% and usually the rents of the other units will cover a majority if not all of the mortgage payment. Leaving you with some monies left over to save for a bigger house in the future.

Launching ‘Mortgage Broker Fast Track’

Keystone Alliance Mortgage has already perfected the easy and streamlined process to choose the best mortgage loan options. By 2021 the team is looking forward to launching Mortgage Broker Fast Track— a 90-day excelerator that will help loan officers open and run their successful brokerage. It is an online course with group coaching that includes all the resources and knowledge the leaders have accumulated over the past 15 years. The loan officers who join the Keystone team will transition faster, put more loans in the pipeline sooner and be confident in their decisions to run their own business.

Key Takeaway:

“Always putting people first even before profit at times, making our team feel they are worth more than the money we make. Money matters but our people come first.”