Sunday, December 3, 2023

KinPOS Corporation: A Go-to Partner for POS-related Solutions

Founded in 2005, KinPOS Corporation has grown from a start-up into one of the largest and most experienced banking solutions providers. Today, it has established its position as a custom POS solution provider in Latin America. The company is known for its passion for exceeding customer expectations since 2008. Located in Miami, Florida, it has become a critical software development and distribution provider in South, Central, and North America. 

An Excellent Service Provider

KinPOS has more than with more than 30 years of experience in providing financial software and POS hardware solutions to banks and other financial institutions. It comprises a team of talented and dedicated POS executives who contribute to the overall success of the organization.

It serves both small, medium, and large companies and financial institutions. KinPOS has already over ten patents based on banking for e-commerce solutions. It offers a wide range of applications for terminals and other devices Mobile Payments, Secure E-commerce, Event Monitoring, Device Inventory, Anti-Fraud System Detection, Smart Payments, Remote App Loader, and Card Account Management.

The company aims to become a valuable partner to grow with its clients. It evolves and offers advanced customized solutions as per the changing needs of the clients. Its goal is consistently anticipating and meeting its customers’ needs.

One of its greatest achievements has been helping customers to be the first ones in their countries to accept virtual credit cards by using wallet applications.

An Overview of POS Solutions

KinPOS supplies organizations with a wide selection of custom applications for all payment solution needs and services. The company offers software development, maintenance, and technical support throughout America. 

  • KinPOS MPOS Mobile Payment Services

Mobile technology powers new payment services to the public through certified secure channels.

  • KinPOS CSI Solution Platform

Set of innovative applications and solutions that are quickly integrated into your needs and new payment services.

  • KinPOS Wallet Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile solutions that are integrated into a payment processing ecosystem. Developed for banks and financial institutions.

  • KinPOS Payment Solutions For Financial Institutions CSI Software

Application Software Suite consists of solutions, and modules essential for banks and organizations.

Abiding by the Core Values, Vision, and Mission

  • KinPOS Principles

It values its collaborators as its most important asset. That’s why it offers them training and growth opportunities, as well as various benefits.

  • KinPOS Vision

Exceed the standards and expectations of its customers by providing the best quality of service, development, and distribution of systems, always guaranteeing punctual deliveries, with the ultimate goal of becoming the preferred supplier.

  • KinPOS Mission

Achieve profitable growth through Systems and Developments of superior quality, exceptional service, prices, and commitment to its clients.

Always offering the best returns for all its clients.

Dynamic Leadership

An instrumental leader, M.Fermayer is the President and CEO of KinPOS Corporation. He states, “KinPOS provides strategic improvement potential and partners with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earning growth. Our developments are focused based on PCI security standards through certified secure channels”.

The Key Differentiator

KinPOS was the first company to push banking and financial institutions everything in the Cloud doing mainly transactional operations and since COVID-19 it has made a more logical way to move forward. It offers a state of the art solutions in the Cloud Transaction Payments through secure and certified channels. 

Innovation is the Cornerstone of KinPOS

Moving from hardware to software and changing credit and debit cards for virtual credit and debit cards has been the key transformation in the POS industry. Likewise, with changing times and multiple moderations, KinPOS has successfully withstood the dynamic market. 

KinPOS focuses on achieving a unique way of developing software solutions designed and developed in a unique ecosystem solution and genuinely focuses on constant innovation. KinPOS is always focusing on payment solutions based on achieving the highest security standards. It combines software and hardware solutions concentrating on top-notch quality.

KinPOS is constantly encountering new technologies as new versions of phones and innovations in hardware are introduced, which benefits the creation of software solutions. 

The Pillars of KinPOS

  • Professionals with Innovative Solutions

It is a team of highly trained and certified professionals with extensive experience in Software Development providing effective solutions in different sectors.

  • Personalized Service According to Your Needs

Personalized service according to customers’ needs. It identifies the needs of its clients to offer them a customized service with effective financial payment solutions.

  • Quality Control and Safety

Its developments are focused based on PCI security standards through certified secure channels.

KinPOS’s Unique Qualities

Knowledge, Innovation, and Persistence are what make KinPos unique.

  • Innovation – It’s in the DNA

KinPOS introduces changes, improvements, products, processes, services, and solutions to optimize its performance and generate value in a constantly evolving market.

  • Ethics And Integrity – is their Watchword

KinPOS aims to always do the right thing, guided by its ethical principles and working with honesty and loyalty towards the organization and with the highest respect for themselves, colleagues, and clients.

  • Teamwork – Is The Basis Of its Success

KinPOS achieves the best results through the joint efforts of all employees in an environment of trust, and open and honest communication, inspired by a common goal.

  • Excellence – Its Clients Are The Priority

The company is in constant search and delivery of solutions that respond to the financial needs of its clients, obtaining the maximum benefit, which translates into the achievement of excellent results.

A Take on Team Motivation and Productivity 

The secret to ensuring a motivating and productive Software Development team is to work in an environment ensuring that everybody is firstly very well trained and learned to be self-motivated.

Future Goals

KinPOS goals are SOFTPOS, Digital Wallets, Tokenization E-Commerce, and mPOS all based on the security standards.