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JumpCloud Brings Remote Access To Cross-platform Teams

Key Highlights

  • Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for unified device and identity access management usually take a multi-vendor approach.
  • A company, JumpCloud, helps centralize management across users and devices.

Recently, JumpCloud introduced its free cloud-based Remote Assist solution to offer a missing link to remote tech support.

Benefits of Remote Access

Remote Assist reflects the mission of the company to give IT teams and MSPs with a single space from which to manage identities, devices, and access. Rather than cobbling together various point solutions, IT teams can now decrease costs while increasing productivity and security with a modern cloud directory.

The solution integrates with various device management systems, including Jamf, and can handle macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Remote Access enables an admin, with perhaps a user in the field having difficulty seeing the screen of a remote system through an encrypted channel.

Admins can help users to resolve issues by seeing their screen, or they can take control of the device with the permission of the user. Admins will have what they require to support workers.

Enterprise Story of Apple

Apple constantly builds market share in the enterprise. Tom Bridge, Product Manager at JumpCloud, said that Apple has nearly doubled its market share in the enterprise over the last five years through a lot of hard work from Cupertino on manageability, usability, and security.

Apple is investing in enterprise functionalities, starting with Platform SSO, a new way for users of Apple devices to link their accounts with identity providers such as JumpCloud. A huge amount of activity occurs in the Apple or enterprise space.

Bridge said there is room for even more growth, pointing out that Macs now outperform most other laptops in battery life and computational power at a competitive price to PCs. He said the hardest part of Apple’s job is overcoming a history of expensive products without justifying their value in terms that corporate finance can handle and digest.

Why Is Now The Correct Time For Remote Access?

Bridge said they are excited to enter the remote access market as a part of a more mature and capable JumpCloud. Admins are howling for tools that serve the entirety of their requirements. Adding Remote Access is a way of offering tools admins require in contexts they already understand.

JumpCloud Remote Assist will be free for any organization to use, at any scale, for multiple devices, without any limits on time.

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