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Google Maps Provides More Personalized Routes For EV Drivers

Key Highlights

  • Google Maps will provide personalized routes for electric vehicle drivers in its update.
  • The feature allows you to get the most energy-efficient route to reduce fuel usage and save money on gas.

Google Maps may soon provide the route information based on the type of car you drive, potentially giving you a different route based on whether you use an electric or a petrol-powered vehicle.

Google Maps, in its guide, recommends using the most energy-efficient route to decrease the usage of fuel and save money on gas. This option will be available along with the usual fastest and shortest route options. You will be directed to the route that consumes the least fuel once you choose the option. The path provided may or may not be the fastest or shortest route based on the option selected.

However, the most efficient route for one type of engine might not be the best for another. Hence, to solve this problem, it seems that in the future, Google Maps will let you select what type of engine your car uses, whether gas, petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid.

It is based on the latest 11.39 beta update of Google Maps that includes references to select the type of your car engine to get fuel-efficient route suggestions. Also, if you don’t want to share too much about yourself with Google, you won’t have to share this data immediately. You will be able to change your engine type in the app too.

Though the feature is included in the latest update, it is not usable and is hidden deep in the application’s code. There is no guarantee that it will be out anytime soon. It will be a while before it goes live in the official Google Maps release.

Maps Analysis

This fuel-efficient routing will not be an immediate or colossal game changer in terms of fuel usage. But, it could make a major difference when combined with other fuel-efficient measures.

Google Maps is not the only service thinking about creating custom routes for different vehicles. Apple Maps could also soon recommend the best routes for people riding electric bikes.

We might see more companies introducing such services designed to make our journeys efficient as the range of vehicles on the roads continues to diversify.

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