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GelSight Wins Hexagon’s Support To Solve Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Key Highlights

  • Hexagon’s Sixth Sense, open innovation platform, was launched in 2022 in response to the growing demand for disruptive innovation in the manufacturing sector. 
  • The program provides start-ups with the necessary resources to refine their products and business models, including access to experts and mentors as well as Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s global customer and partner base.

GelSight won the competition after a ten-week program culminating in a pitching competition in the Netherlands, where they presented their company and progress to a panel of judges representing technology, investment, and Hexagon leadership experts. 

The Winner Received Access To The Customer Base

As part of the winning package, GelSight will receive access to Hexagon’s extensive customer base to expand its business and integrate with Hexagon’s products. Additionally, Hexagon will provide further resources to help the start-up globalize.

According to GelSight CEO Youssef Benmokhtar, many industry inspections are still conducted subjectively and non-repeatably, but their gel material acts like an artificial skin, providing precise and swift surface characterization. In addition, they have digitized the entire workflow, and their technology can offer detailed 3D visualization with up to 5 million data points to automate processes and reduce costs and time. Benmokhtar expressed pride and gratitude for being selected by Sixth Sense and Hexagon and said they are eager to work toward the future.

The runner-up, CASTOR, was recognized for its intelligent software that analyzes thousands of parts at once and identifies opportunities where additive manufacturing makes sense from a technical, economical, and sustainable point of view. 

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Start-ups Can Bring Creativity

Parth Joshi, Chief Product and Technology Officer for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, believes that start-ups can bring much-needed creativity and agility to the innovation process, benefiting the entire industry. He said that constraints provide fertile ground for innovation, and start-ups know that better than anyone. They are excited to continue working together with new companies and will be recruiting for the next cohort soon.

Hexagon congratulated the rest of the cohort for their impressive pitches and dedication to growth during the program, which includes 3YOURMIND, Augmentir, JITbase, oculavis, Threedy, and Teratonics.

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