Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Digiterre: Experts in Real-Time and Big Data Software Engineering

Digiterre is well-known for solving its clients’ toughest challenges rapidly and completely using deep domain expertise, software engineering know-how and highly effective ways of working to bring about transformational change. The company works collaboratively and pragmatically with in-house experts and their end users on the design and delivery of front, middle and back-office tooling and data aggregation platforms.

Located in London, UK, Digiterre was established by Ian Murrin in 2000. Ian envisioned Digiterre when he grew frustrated with the quality of business software products he found himself and others like him using. He wanted to raise the quality bar and create software that users needed and loved to use. Currently, Ian spearheads the business as Chief Executive Officer and leads the business in all aspects of growth and development of the company. 

Enabling Technological and Organisational Change

Digiterre enables rapid technological and organisational change for many of the world’s leading enterprises – be they banks and insurers, energy and commodities traders, investment managers, exchanges, clearing houses & brokers. The company has over two decades of enterprise experience gained from building and supporting high-demand, data-rich products and platforms for organisations that operate within highly regulated environments. Digiterre’s experienced consultants are passionate about exploring opportunities and solving problems that are critical to organisational competitiveness. 

Deriving Real Business Value 

At Digiterre, the company cares about delivering outcomes that derive real business value. The teams either work on-site (and with client teams) or remotely (depending on the requirement of the client). Additionally, the team is very much open to ideas on how to solve the problems faced and all opinions are given equal weight. Using tools such as JIRA, Slack, and Teams, the members facilitate regular communication between each other.

Results Delivered with Agility

Digiterre delivers agility at greater velocity because it really cares about creating outstanding outcomes. They are a problem-solving company that employs highly motivated individuals willing to take ownership, working with clients to find solutions to technical challenges.The company works with clients to define the optimal direction of travel throughout the life of each project and carefully constructs teams that are exclusively project-focused, highly delivery-oriented, and which continue to make progress towards the project milestones, regardless of the obstacles they encounter. 

As a consequence of this approach, we typically deliver high-risk, high-profile, and time-constrained projects in less time than our competitors, often significantly so,” adds Ian. 

Portfolio of Client Success Stories

Digiterre helps its clients by building data aggregation platforms and tools that give them access to the data (often real-time) they need to make informed decisions, reduce operational costs and as a result stay ahead of their competition. 

One example of this is Digiterre’s close partnership with Uniper’s Market Analytics and Data Management teams to develop their Market Data Analytics Platform (MDAP). The main objective of the initiative was to equip Uniper for the future challenges of responding quickly to constantly changing market developments. The new MDAP system enables Uniper to more effectively support the Market Analytics team, to respond rapidly and comprehensively to business and market challenges and ultimately to grow the data economy within Uniper. This resulted in a 30% reduction in operating costs.

Future Thinking

To date, Digiterre has successfully catered to its client base and fulfilled their evolving requirements. Owing to its offerings and success, Ian envisions a proliferative future for the company. Strategically, due to its involvement in Energy Trading, the company is planning to invest time and resources in supporting the Net Zero agenda. Besides being an extremely large market, the agenda also fits with Digiterre’s credentials as a socially reponsible organisation.     

On Being One of the Leading Companies:

We carry out software development, testing, and deployment with AND for you. We construct hand-picked teams that combine the necessary skills and experience in all of the following areas: 

  • Appropriate disciplines: UI, full-stack, QA, Architecture, Cloud 
  • Appropriate technologies 🙁 (Java, C#, Azure, AWS RedShift, etc.) 
  • Required functional domains: Trading, pricing, risk, Reg & Compliance. 
  • Required product and asset classes: fx, equities, fixed income, ILS in financial services and oil, gas, LNG, energy, softs, metals, etc in energy and commodities trading.

We teach by doing, not solely by talking, and always deliver – well and fast. As a result, we deliver exceptional overall value to our clients. This matrix of skills, knowledge and experience enables us to better understand and then solve deep domain-focused, technology-related problems.

“We deliver ‘Agility at Greater Velocity’, because we care about creating outstanding outcomes and taking ownership for solving the toughest technical challenges.”