Sunday, December 3, 2023

Freight Save – Fast and Streamlined Freight Services

Besides being an active investor, Sheree Smiltnieks was a consultant in the health sector and in 2020 began searching for e-commerce business opportunities in the medical and health equipment supply industry.  

She looked at things from a logistical perspective and searched for available options. The plan was to collaborate with a logistics provider who could be easy to contact at any time and proactive in their approach to freight management.  It was with this concept in mind that Freight Save was born. 

Still, the journey over the past three years has not been easy. It required significant research into investment in cloud-based freight management technology, web development and user-friendly API integrations. After three years, Freight Save continues to serve its members and grow consistently. 

Freight Save always has prioritized supplier and partner relationships in every aspect of its freight services. The business is focused on providing streamlined B2B freight services, developing trusted relationships with its members and supporting them in their individual business growth.  

Freight Save – Changing the Logistic Dynamics

Freight Save was born from in-depth research into setting up a contemporary service that provides everything that Australian businesses seek from a freight management service. The business has developed unique predicting methods to identify issues and take prompt actions to resolve them which enables Freight Save to solve problems and overcome obstacles even before members know about them, achieving this by following their mantra: “Taking care of the freight so our members can get on with business.” 

In line with its aim to improve the Australian logistics market, in 2022 Freight Save collaborated with one of its main competitors. The move provides affordable services for Australian businesses, regardless of their physical location and the decision helped Freight Save to take the pallet freight aspect of the business to the next level. The collaboration with their competitor allowed Freight Save to quickly and affordably provide improved and enhanced services along an extensive logistics network and with this, Freight Save has been able to provide greater savings and an improved service to its members.  

Freight Save – Affordable Logistics Solutions 

Freight Save is focused on providing trusted and cost-effective B2B shipping solutions for Australian based businesses. It offers several different types of services, from entire B2B freight management to large one-off bulk and full-truck loads. It also offers effortless online bookings through its website, especially for public ad-hoc and small one-off bookings. 

Besides this, the business has developed different types of Members’ accounts, multiple freight management platforms and varied payment options. 

All this was possible because Sheree took significant time to understand the in-depth workings of the Australian logistics industry. It enabled her to identify the expectations of future members and their challenges faced daily in this pursuit. It allowed Sheree to form this solution-based freight service to better serve the needs of Australian businesses.  

Recently, Freight Save launched the “Grow with us in 2023” campaign to promote its exceptional services to businesses wishing to expand this year and are bringing on both small and large Australian businesses and helping them to reach new heights of growth and success. 

Freight Save – Overcoming Obstacles in the Way

Everyone knows that the logistics industry is dynamic and shows rapid changes and Freight Save entered the market right when the e-commerce industry experienced unprecedented demand. Freight Save was able to leverage the growth of a brand providing streamlined services for B2C providers, especially those wishing to capitalize on the sudden increase in demand for online shopping. 

The success of Freight Save thus far is not without numerous small and large challenges during its initial stages. Being a new player in an already established market, Freight Save was able to dynamically review and adjust its operating model to control early cash flow, build solid brand awareness and grow its digital presence.  

Freight Save – Driving Force for Excellence

Sheree, a young player in the business world, knew that any business’ success depends on solid relationships with both customers and suppliers alike. Hence, Freight Save has constantly worked to strengthen relationships with its partners, consumers, and stakeholders. 

The vision “Streamlining Australia’s shipping, one Member at a time” is clear evidence of Freight Save’s efforts to focus more on satisfying growing customer needs and improving logistics operations simultaneously. 

Freight Save’s mission states that it takes care of the freight so members can get on with business and its values emphasize that Freight Save doesn’t exist without its Members. Founder Sheree Smiltnieks believes that trust is built through honest relationships, responsible actions a and a results-oriented mindset. 

Thanks to these extensive values and ethics, Freight Save has become a growing player in the Australian logistics industry. As with any successful business, Freight Save is highly concerned with customer satisfaction. “Customers are the building blocks of any company’s growth and success.” Sheree says, which she has learnt from decades of experience held in other industries. 

In the same way, Freight Save values customer feedback. Sheree admits that responding to negative feedback can be difficult, especially if you tend to take it personally. However, as a business owner, it is impertinent to keep emotions aside and evaluate any feedback for its intrinsic value. With a changed mindset, receiving negative feedback presents an excellent opportunity to learn, grow and improve.  

Freight Save – Success after Struggle

Today, Freight Save is one of Australia’s most prominent developing freight service providers. Their most attractive products include the “Member Partner” model and proactive consignments monitoring function. The service coordinates and monitors Freight movements in the background, identifying and resolving problems often before the sender or reciever are even aware of an issue – a feature of the service that sets Freight Save apart from competitors. 

Membership to Freight Save is free for Australian businesses. It offers no contracts, no set-up fees, no monthly account charges or minimum spend limits and new members start saving on their freight expenses immediately. Members access group buying power through Freight Save’s high-volume accounts with national transport organisations. Freight Save now have over 25 international and domestic transport providers available for their members, which according to Sheree is an excellent way for small businesses to spend less on logistics without compromising service quality. 


Freight Save is proud to partner with Australian businesses of all sizes and has become renowned for its exceptional logistics services in the Australian freight management market. The company is heavily focused on creating and sharing opportunities for every Australian business to grow and achieve success in today’s uncertain economic environment.  

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