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Ford Motor Company Receives Patents For Integrating Drones

Key Highlights

  • Recently, Ford Motor Company has received 11 patents related to integrating drones into vehicles.
  • These patents cover various aspects of the relationship between drones and cars, such as communications, takeoffs, landings, and incorporating a drone into a vehicle’s moonroof.
  • It suggests that Ford is exploring the potential use of drones as tools for motorists in the future.

Recently, Ford Motor Company has received at least 11 patents for integrating drones with vehicles, a sign that the carmaker anticipates unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) becoming useful tools for motorists.

A patent can cover the incorporation of a drone into a moonroof of a vehicle, as well as various other aspects related to the integration of drones and cars, such as communication systems, takeoff and landing procedures, and control systems.

Patents Related To Use of Drones

Ford also envisions third-party drone operations, such as deliveries to vehicles besides built-in drone accessories. It has filed several patents related to the use of drones in various scenarios, such as delivering goods to vehicles stuck in traffic, providing visual advertisements to drivers in traffic jams, serving as a scout and relay for driving conditions, helping self-driving vehicles navigate, serving as a pedestrian guidance tool, and connecting emergency services in remote areas.

For instance, a driver stuck in traffic might be willing to pay a premium to have snacks, medicine, phone chargers, or even a gallon of gas delivered by drone. In this scenario, a driver orders items through a phone app or a vehicle infotainment system.

The company also envisions a “kill switch” for the drone to prevent it from getting too close to people or vehicles. Triggers for the kill switch would include a wireless device of a person or connected vehicles that send signals alerting the aircraft of their proximity. Ford’s patents suggest that the company sees potential for drones to be used for everyday tasks and that the capabilities of drones are continually increasing.

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