Wednesday, December 6, 2023

DRZ Corporation: A State-of-the-Art Data Management Leader helping companies make Better Decisions through Trusted Data

Founded in 2014, DRZ Corporation offers innovative solutions to generate unified, complete, and reliable information, enabling better decision-making with cost reduction, risk reduction, and increased operational efficiency. 

Since its foundation, the company has been committed to transforming data into relevant business assets. Guiding teams with deep knowledge of data on how to transform and govern them. And also create a robust ecosystem with partners to provide a fully holistic solution, most important is understanding the business needs to provide an agile and correct data solution to solve real business problems. DRZ adapts to the most diverse compliances such as LGPD and GDPR. 

DRZ has a long-standing experience in data management and governance solutions, operating throughout Latin America; with offices in São Paulo, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires; solutions all leading in the quadrant of Gartner and other institutes. Currently, it offers services in more than eight countries and continues to expand its horizons in the upcoming years. 

Meet the Driving Force behind DRZ

A resourceful leader with an enthusiastic personality, Delmar Assis is the CEO and Founder of DRZ Corporation

He pursued his graduation in Computer Science with several specializations in the area and also completed his MBA. Delmar has had his entire career focused in the data industry, he has been working in technology for more than two decades, always in large multinationals in the enterprise sector; his team has been delivering consistent and valuable results for those customers. His expertise in the field of data has helped DRZ to attain constant growth and success. He is committed to setting the standard for excellence and leadership in data management. 

Offering Quality-Focused Services

Everyone already knows that data is the new oil; everything around data has been the talk of the town. 

However, for data to become a business asset, it has to become a part of the solution and help in resolving the company’s challenges. This journey requires not only software but also a clear data strategy, from methodology, best practices, and an effective roadmap that allows fast/consistent deliveries, providing the business with unified, complete, governed, and relevant information. 

DRZ offers this roadmap to allow a solid, effective, and safe way to get there. During this process, it provides different benefits like customer retention, insights, segmentation, growth to cross-sell and up-sell, new product development, better communication and efficient omnichannel, full compliance, and beyond. DRZ’s solutions, all leading from the leading Gartner quadrant.

More about DRZ’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

DRZ’s vision is to make DRZ Corporation become the provider of solutions for data management and governance, transforming data into business assets, democratizing the use of data, and promoting digital transformation for the company to be Business Data Driven.

Its mission is helping its customers transform data into business assets; turning the company into a business data-driven; meeting the needs and challenges of its customers through innovative solutions, and enabling them to be competitive. It values a stimulating and creative environment between the client and the company so that the process becomes much more pleasant and inspiring.

In addition, it seeks to establish long-term partnerships with its customers, so that the business is always sustainable and scalable.

DRZ Values: Its clients are the reason for its existence, so it keeps its values based on:

  • Valuation of its employees;
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Specialization
  • Quality
  • Competitive offer, both prices, and deadlines
  • Solidity – consolidation, longevity, and sustainability.

A Face-Off with the 2023’s New Challenges 

As of now in 2023, DRZ Corporation has had two major challenges. Quickly understanding new trends on how to meet business needs and opportunities, such as the GPT chat; translating for its clients in a practical way and with returns on investments. At the same time, investing in talent improves the quality of solutions and the delivery of results.

A Take on Data Transformations

Living in a fast-paced world, transformations are the key drivers for growth. Understanding more about data transformations and integrating its objectives is the way forward for data companies to create a win-win situation.

  • Data governance/data quality & compliances – Despite being an old topic, it is increasingly urgent to govern one of the main business assets which is data, but many companies are still trying to understand how to do it.
  • Data360, Data preparation democratization – Many companies have full raw data, but the challenge is to transform them and facilitate quick access to right people with the appropriate permissions; also implement a self-service data harmonizing with data mesh, DRZ supports these challenges from solution design to implementation and maintenance; creating a metrics for the data usage allowing the data monetization. 
  • Intelligent data hub (MDM):  Manage your master data: it is imperative that companies start managing this data based on business initiatives so that results are consistent and that the business can be part of the solution; from conception to the first quick wins. DRZ offers a solution for the complete roadmap, from acquisition, transformation, unification, enrichment and governance your master data.
  • CX/CM/Omnichannel: Effective communication and interaction: it has been a great demand from companies to communicate and understand their customers correctly, generating from there an increase in satisfaction, personification, retention and increased consumption of their products, as well as reducing risks and costs. DRZ offers a complete CCM-CXM (customer experience) solution for an effective omnichannel.
  • Data business insights: It’s mandatory to go beyond the classic advanced analytics because the innovation comes through Data Business Insights; our platform has in its background full IA/ML capabilities however the Business user quickly thought graphical interface can analyze the data in 360 view and get the Data Insights without write a one code line in phyton, java… the platform is focusing on after wave of MLops.
  • SAP optimization: on SAP the business users need to follow many screens to complete their jobs, our bots get the whole screen and transform in a single view accelerating the tasks, easily and fast; we do the same with the workflows.

Tackling the Hurdles Effectively 

The challenges have been to extract value and insights from data in time to generate transformations and competitive values; DRZ has maintained its focus on data management and constant updating of market trends and, above all, constant interaction with customers to be extremely aligned with their needs and priorities.

DRZ’s Key Differentiator

Enterprise companies hold a lot of data in different systems; the company’s key differentiator is quickly understanding them and transforming the generation of true data business insights.

In addition, DRZ is a distributor in LATAM of solutions best of the class like Precisely ( And the company is customer-focused as it delivers personalized solutions based on customers’ needs and concentrates on how to solve business problems.

A Sneak Peek on Current Data Management Market Trends

The main ones focus on prioritizing data for each business initiative, which is called Data Mesh. Another point is the use of AI/ML algorithms to accelerate automation and increase the ability to generate reliable and fast results.

Looking forward to a Promising Future

In the upcoming times, DRZ aims at

  • Keeping customer needs at the fore as well as close relationships for 360 data journeys; developing innovative solutions that promote new business, cost reduction, governance, and quick responses.
  • Retaining talent and promoting new technologies.
  • Maintaining and expanding the ecosystem of partners such as Precisely, Google Cloud, and others.