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Digitalized Workplaces For Optimized Public Services

Key Highlights

  • Governments worldwide have recognized the need to undertake a form of digital transformation.
  • Many have been working on transformation strategies designed to aid the gradual adoption of digital technologies to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enable better resource management.

Whatever shape the transformation strategies took, they had one common goal to create the next-generation digital infrastructure that would improve the delivery of services to citizens, from tailored health services and customized education to personalized administrative services.

Suddenly, the mid and long-term digital transformation objectives of the government had become redundant. Government workforces had to move to work remotely quickly, while governments themselves had to adapt to find ways to continue delivering services to citizens.

Fortunately, the wealth of digital tools available meant governments at all levels could shift their operations and service delivery online.

Achieving the benefits of the digital workplace means looking beyond immediate requirements for hybrid working to ensure governments are in a position to meet the expectations of workers and citizens similarly long after the health crisis has become a distant memory. To this end, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggests that creating a digital workplace requires completely digitalizing the public sector.

This digitalization should apply to external government processes as to internal operations. Self-serve digital portals must become standard for most government services that do not require citizens to connect with government employees directly. This way, citizens can access the services they need more quickly, wherever they are and whenever they need them.

And in those cases where citizens have to connect to a government employee, those employees will have the digital tools they require to access information and respond in real-time to questions and requests. However, the evolution to a digital workplace will not be without challenges.

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