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Digital Support for Reduced Alcohol Consumption

Key Pointers

  • Researchers from Linköping University have shown that a digital support tool can support reduced alcohol consumption.
  • Digital tools can be increased and used by many without increasing costs and reduce the stigma barrier to seeking assistance.

A digital support tool on mobile can help if you want to reduce your alcohol consumption. Researchers at Linköping University showed this in a study. The researchers have developed and evaluated a digital tool that assists individuals in reducing their alcohol consumption on their own.

Marcus Bendtsen, an associate professor at the Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences at Linköping University, led the study. He said the participants mentioned it was crucial for them to reduce alcohol consumption. But, many people did not know how to do it. Those who had access to digital support started to feel more self-assured about how they could go about actually changing their behavior.

People who are risky drinkers are at a higher risk of other physical and psychological negative consequences. Hence the family members and other people close to the drinker are at risk too. The researchers looked for a novel way to reach those who want help to reduce alcohol consumption.

Marcus Bendtsen says people who want to quit smoking are encouraged and supported by those around them. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around wanting to stop drinking alcohol.

Digital support, such as a mobile app or online support, could be one way to reach more people who need help. Digital tools can be increased and used by many without increasing costs. These tools can also work well for people who do not want to turn to the healthcare system. The digital tool can be used without personal contact. No one else needs to be aware that you use the tool that reduces the stigma barrier to seeking assistance.

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