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Dell PowerFlex Is Now Available On AWS For Hybrid Cloud Storage

Key Highlights

  • Dell Technologies takes its PowerFlex software-defined storage operating system to be available on AWS, a first in an initiative to bring more of its storage OSes to the public cloud.
  • Dell PowerFlex can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace, where customers can access almost all features and capabilities required for enterprise block storage in a public cloud setting.

According to Dave Raffo, an analyst at Evaluator Group, major public clouds are turning to third-party enterprise vendors like Dell to handle multi-cloud and hybrid cloud connections.

Raffo said that AWS confirmed its partnership last year with NetApp to bring the OnTap storage OS to the public cloud. Similarly, the new collaboration with Dell aims to bring enterprise customers running Dell’s hardware on-premises into AWS.

PowerFlex & AWS

PowerFlex on AWS uses AWS Elastic Block Storage for longer-term persistent storage or EC2 instance stores for high-demand and faster workloads. It also offers a similar GUI for both cloud and on-premises storage management.

The new offering allows Dell storage services to interact with AWS services, like storage for backups or EC2 for computing. Users can also back up to various availability zones within a single region without copying or duplicating data to increase recovery locations for high durability and availability.

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Michael Richtberg, Dell’s chief strategy architect for PowerFlex, said that many of their customers soon realize when using PowerFlex that they don’t need to add more computing but may be growing their storage footprint. The PowerFlex pricing in AWS is based per terabyte, with specific prices up to individual customer contracts.

According to Richtberg, Dell chose PowerFlex as its first Project Alpine release since it is a software-defined storage platform, making cloud availability more straightforward than other OSes due to its interoperability with hardware and vendor environments. He said that PowerFlex is also used by several enterprise customers searching for a way into the hybrid cloud.

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