Wednesday, December 6, 2023

DAMON SUNUNTNASUK: Raising The Standard For Naturally-Derived Dietary Supplements

Supporting and maintaining immune health has never been more important. Recent events have elevated the focus and attention to personal wellness in unprecedented ways, and dietary supplements have risen as one of the tools individuals have reached for in their search for better immune support. Indeed, Fortune Business Insights suggests that immune support supplements are forecasted to grow by 7.4% to $29.40 billion by 2027. This builds on the estimated 86% of American adults who already take vitamins or supplements according to the Harris Poll.

The challenge for many is navigating the broad range of supplement options – with many alternatives featuring poor quality ingredients, synthetic fillers, and a lack of supporting research. In this highly competitive industry, Palmara Health stood up to change the narrative for good. Established in 2015, Nature Cure Labs LLC, now branded as Palmara Health, started with a mission to help individuals support and maintain immune health by focusing on quality, transparency, and compliance to help support those looking to gain access to natural supplements.

“The ability to impact the lives of many has always been a personal motivator for me, which has transcended my entrepreneurial and professional career paths,” said Damon Sununtnasuk.

Damon is the Founder and CEO of Natural Cure Labs LLC – the parent company of Palmara Health and VitaTails brand supplements – and has a rich history of entrepreneurship. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he started his first business – a software program designed to help people with visual disabilities read text on a personal computer. Throughout his professional journey, he has gathered some impressive industry acumen. The journey to success was not always easy, though, with initial business plan obstacles, several international moves, and aggressive competitive pressures. However, an innate curiosity to learn from these setbacks combined with the persistence to persevere through adversity has helped Damon’s future ventures to succeed.

Today, he is not only a founder of an industry-recognized health and wellness company but also operates an award-winning consulting firm with a global client base. “The ability to create businesses and products which go on to impact the lives of many is the true gift of entrepreneurship and one which I intended to contribute to for many years to come,” asserts Damon.

In an interview with Damon, we explore what makes these industry-famous natural dietary supplements unique while he walks us through the company’s journey to success. Here are the snippets.

  • As the CEO of multiple companies, what do you attribute your success to?

No one success factor can propel an individual to the highest echelons of a company – it’s truly a combination of character, competencies, and timing. For me, it’s been a serendipitous series of interactions and lessons which have combined to give me a toolset to build and lead companies. Having the humility to learn from mistakes, the courage to fully pursue opportunities, and the inclination to listen to others with an open mind are areas I continuously strive to apply and improve.

  • Could give us a quick tour of Palmara Health and its vision?

Natural Cure Labs LLC, and in turn Palmara Health, aspires to be a leader in the quality, safety, and trust of supplemental health. All of our products are formulated, blended, and bottled in the USA under the supervision of a team of industry professionals. Our research-based formulas are supported by a dossier of clinical research, and all products are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Our finished products are the third party tested for safety, and a team of compliance experts ensures our labeling and marketing conforms with local and national laws.

  • According to you, what makes Palmara Health unique?

While some competitors may cut corners by using low-potency materials, synthetic excipients, or low ingredient weights, Palmara Health truly differentiates on quality. Our products begin with research – identifying the most promising ingredients which can support individual health goals. Premium ingredients are sourced, rigorously tested, and expertly blended without the use of artificial fillers, preservatives, colors, flavors, or other synthetic additives. This obsession with quality and purity has helped us differentiate our products since inception, and customers have responded with incredible loyalty and positive feedback.

  • The entire portfolio of Palmara Health’s supplements has received positive reviews. Could you walk us through the whole process?

Every product in our award-winning lineup is thoughtfully formulated, tested, and managed with the customer in mind. Our team of experts start with research-based ingredients and design proprietary formulas in response to consumer interest and emerging market trends. Our certified manufacturing facilities source the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers to make the highest quality products available, while our distribution channels ensure convenient and reliable access to our products. With nearly 35% of customers returning every month, it’s clear that our dedication to quality, transparency, and trust has built a community of loyal consumers who value our brand and offering.

  • What in your opinion has made “Monolaurin supplements” popular in the audience?

Monolaurin is a dietary supplement derived from lauric acid which is found naturally in coconut and palm kernel oil. Monolaurin is used in several industries including food and cosmetics and is the beneficiary of several research studies. Monolaurin has been a popular supplement for years, but Google Trends suggests its popularity has increased by nearly 300% in the past year. People enjoy Monolaurin as a dietary supplement for its potential immune and digestive supporting properties.

  • Over the years, your company has received several formal industry recognitions – what do you attribute these wins to?

Our dedication to quality has been recognized not just by our customers, but by the industry too. We have been honored to be featured in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Taste for Life Magazine’s “Immunity Guide”, and have received numerous accolades. Most recently, we were awarded “Company of the Year” and “Product Development Executive of the Year” in the 2020 and 2021 American Business Awards. The formal recognition is a testament to the importance of putting quality and compliance ahead of what might be an easy alternative. The trust built with customers and the industry is an invaluable resource in this highly competitive space.

  • Immunity boosters have significantly increased in demand. How did you handle the unprecedented demand?

2020 was an unprecedented year in many respects, and immune supplement sales were no different. Given our immune-focused product lineup, our own sales saw dramatic increases in 2020 which put enormous strain on our manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics capabilities. Instead of succumbing to these disruptions, we used the opportunity to respond to changing customer interests and launched three new products, a line of pet nutrition (VitaTails), and won several industry awards recognizing our response to the challenges of 2020.

  • Lastly, being recognized as the industry leader now, what will be your next goal?

We are committed to the ongoing development of research-based, quality supplements to help individuals achieve their personal health goals. In the future, we aim to provide our products to a broader set of consumers, geographies, and marketplaces that are most convenient to the customer. We also look to expand our award-winning formulas to support our furry companions too, with additional specialty products designed exclusively for pets. With pet adoptions up 27% in 2020 according to industry data from PetPoint, our lineup of VitaTials brand pet nutrition is poised to meet the growing needs of supplemental pet nutrition.


“In an often opaque industry, Palmara Health aspires to be a model company for open, honest, and safe dietary supplements.”