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Automation Is The Ultimate Cloud Security Tip

Key Highlights

  • Manual cloud security frequently leads to a major breach. Helping leadership understand the risks can make the case for funding to do it right.
  • The report found that misconfigured cloud servers created 19% of data breaches.

Corroborative data is available from public cloud providers. Microsoft analyzed the anonymized data of real cyber threat activity. According to the company’s Cyber Signals report, it was noticed that over 80% of ransomware attacks can be traced to common configuration errors in software and devices.

Yet, the solution to enterprise security problems is the worst-kept secret ever which is “Remove humans from the process”. Security automation will eliminate most of the ongoing risk that an attack will succeed if done correctly.

Automation is the natural evolution of security. However, several enterprises still operate in a reactive state. More and more enterprises are moving to a proactive state, which means a team reads emails in the morning to determine how many attacks occurred and how the security systems eliminated the breach by using automated services such as security orchestration, artificial intelligence, security orchestration, cross-cloud security management, etc.

The main objective is to have a layer of automation that can proactively avoid any misconfigurations and offer ongoing security operations. Any attacks, whether ransomware or distributed denial of service, are defeated by automation alone, not by someone getting a text at 3:00 a.m. and moving to their laptop.

Automated security is better. But, many enterprises prefer manual security due to a lack of understanding and funding. Many enterprises contribute millions to quick lift-and-shift migrations to the cloud. Mostly, they lift and shift similar security tools and talent from the enterprise data center.

Lack of understanding is the largest problem. Most security professionals understand their state regarding good security processes and the security technology stack.

However, they fail to convince their leadership that upgrading the security configuration from manual to highly automated is worth the many millions of dollars it will cost to do it right. Something requires to catch on fire before anyone with influence over budgets will change course.

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