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AI In Advertising: Mint Mobile’s Latest Ad Using ChatGPT

Key Highlights

  • Mint Mobile has released its new ad in which Ryan Reynolds explains the concept of using ChatGPT, a language-generating tool from OpenAI, in advertising.
  • He reads off the final AI-scripted result close to the real thing to wig out the actor.

Messaging focuses on Mint Mobile’s holiday promotion providing six months of wireless service for the price of three, which has been extended into the new year as a way to differentiate from competitors.

Mint Mobile – A Perpertual Industry Challenger

Mint Mobile positions itself as a budget-friendly option and “perpetual industry challenger” for consumers.

Through his agency Maximum Effort, Reynolds has gained a reputation for quickly capitalizing on social media discussions and appearing in humorous commercials for his brands, including Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. Maximum Effort was acquired by ad-tech firm MNTN two years ago.

ChatGPT has been gaining attention in the marketing industry for its ability to produce clean and coherent copy based on user-submitted prompts quickly. It is a potential tool in marketing.

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Microsoft Invests In OpenAI

Microsoft is reportedly considering a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, indicating the software’s early success. As the use of AI in marketing continues to evolve, more marketers are expected to experiment with tools like ChatGPT in the coming year as a way to save costs and increase efficiency.

According to Gartner, ethical applications of AI are anticipated to be one of the top agenda items for CMOs in 2023. As companies continue to explore the use of AI in marketing, it is essential to consider how it can benefit both the company and the consumer.

For instance, AI can be used to personalize marketing messages, improve customer service, and analyze customer data. Still, it is vital to ensure that AI is not invading customer privacy or being used in a manipulative way.

Also, the researchers predict that by 2025, marketers will be able to shift 75% of operations to more strategic activities as AI streamlines creative processes and reduces friction.

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