Wednesday, February 21, 2024

WiseDV: Revolutionizing the Virtual Workspace for the New Normal Workspace with Bozu.

After experiencing firsthand how established technology companies failed to adapt to the times, Atul Anandpura founded WiseDV – which innovates and develops modern media technology solutions at breathtaking speed.

Atul graduated from M.S. University, India, and set out to develop UHF/VHF Wireless communications systems. Looking for a larger horizon, he moved to London, designing cordless phones, cellular phones, answering machines, and digital voice recorder products. He said seeing his products used by millions was incredibly satisfying.

 In 1999, e.Digital – a San Diego-based company, invited Atul to commercialize portable music players. He developed a contemporary music player for Gateway computers with features even the contemporaneous iPod lacked, like voice recognition-based music track selection. He was appointed as the company’s CEO and developed the world’s first portable inflight entertainment system with encrypted hard drives, which was used by 22 airlines in 2005. But he realized that the airline industry was always in a perpetual state of crisis, and it was challenging to have a profitable business working within it. 

 Towards a New Entrepreneurial Vision

 Where do I go next? I identified live sports markets as the new horizon. The fans have a good amount of disposable income, and fans would appreciate a product where they could watch live games from any angle, perform their own action replays, and get on-demand scores while in the stadiums,” recalls Atul. 

 The Board at e.Digital didn’t support his vision, but Atul was confident about his vision and left to establish WiseDV – Wireless Interactive Sports Entertainment Digital Video – in January 2006. His network of friends and colleagues from the industry made the initial investment easy. The company was flourishing, and in mere two years, it deployed 3,000 Local area mobile TV – LVIS at the US Open Tennis, US Open Golf, and other sporting events. In 2008 the financial crisis brought a formidable roadblock for the company shattering Atul’s dreams of deploying LVIS at all sports stadiums.

 I always knew that success is a combination of many factors. With many factors beyond my control, I only had two factors in my control: persistence and hard work!” So, Atul strategically pivoted the company towards professional broadcast technologies. The team was reduced from 30 to 3 people, but they kept striving to move towards success. Atul’s wife, Kajal, was equally active in helping to row the company financially through turbulent times and keeping WiseDV alive. 

 Onward to a new start

 Looking at the efforts of WiseDV’s team, the investors were very supportive and understanding. The engineers were inspired and challenged to prove that the company could sustain the crisis and move forward. Soon WiseDV gained momentum and today ranks among the best companies in the industry.

 By 2019, WiseDV housed all the technologies required by the Streaming and OTT industry.  Atul added, “The success in the market energized the engineering team. The marketing partner was marketing products. Customers liked us! Life was becoming better.”


 WiseDV is a worldwide leader in Playout, Ad Insertion, OTT, and SSAI technologies delivering end-to-end solutions for seamless viewing and monetizing of video assets.

It has also designed a multi-dialogue virtual event platform that can host multiple

meeting rooms on one screen – Bozu to work, play, and socialize remotely and effectively.

WiseDV has zero latency communication with customers using chat-based support to provide the best possible customer service.

 There are no constraints on time zones as the virtual team of WiseDV’s engineers, and developers is a click-away to listen to the user’s feedback and offer solutions. Regardless of the crisis, WiseDV has pushed forward and overcome the challenges. 

During the onset of the pandemic, Atul’s daughter Bhavika studying law at Berkely found the current remote meeting and working tools inadequate and asked Atul for better solutions. WiseDV team quickly invented a virtual event solution – Bozu to collaborate remotely but effectively. This innovation has been successful and gaining popularity in the market. 

Bozu – taking the Virtual workplace to the next level

 Innovation happens when the best communication goes on with your team and your clients simultaneously at the same time,” asserts Atul. Video conferencing has been around for decades but lacks real-life experience. With the remote working trend, the virtual workplace demanded an upgrade, and Bozu effectively catered to this demand. 

 Atul quickly realized that WiseDV’s product development accelerated with a next-level structured group discussion on Bozu, even when everyone worked remotely. With the help of some potential investors and the young users of the product, a versatile, dynamic, and aggressive engineering team is developing Bozu. 

Bozu is a Video Collaboration tool that enables professionals to break remote isolation and take their team’s actions to the next level. Bozu helps create a culture of collaboration in the workspace. “Work does not consist only of meetings; real work life also involves socialization. So, Bozu is designed to Work, Play, and Socialize – Remotely and Effectively!” said Atul. We are at a paradigm shift in remote teaming. With Bozu, businesses can have endless choices, abundant access, and hundreds of ways to interact. The team can use communication tools that resonate, matter, and add value. 

 What has previously been classified as top-down communication, the virtual office culture can have an opportunity to truly collaborate, setting up a new playing field that helps marketers, artists, and entrepreneurs increase sales and build healthier relationships with co-workers. Bozu enables companies to have all the essential socialization aspects with built-in Trivia, Karaoke, Whiteboard, and Poll functions to establish professional and social oneness. 

A driven team of Technology Mavericks

 WiseDV has an innovative and problem-solving culture driven by energetic and dynamic engineers led by Jigar Mehta, Jaydeep Maru, Saurabh Shah, Dhrumil Sheth, and Bela Shah. All are inspired to create value internally and for clients. Creating solutions that can be adopted easily and economically is essential for product success. WiseDV’s technology mavericks team has developed a suite of broadcast and video streaming industry products – WisePlay, WiseAdInserter, WiseOTT, and WiseSSAI- catering to any industry client of any different economic level. The team ensures that the products work smoothly from developing to delivering, configuring, and providing excellent support to its clients with problem-solving and managing skills.

 WiseDV is planning to launch Bozu soon to help companies increase the effectiveness of remote meetings by providing many-to-many communication capabilities with fun and socialization tools. 

Bozu’s live sports watch party and live video game competition streaming is also becoming popular. With Bozu’s game-changing platform, you can coordinate remotely like never before. Packed with an array of game-changing features and solutions, Bozu is all set to revolutionize the future of video conferencing.

Quote: “WiseDV has a simple Mantra – If you need it, we can make it, as long as we don’t need to bend the laws of physics.”