Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wade Law Group: Offering a systematic approach to litigation that is proven to get results

Established in 2003, Wade Law Group is an award-winning law firm that caters to both individuals and businesses. Its expertise has helped the company be recognized as one of the leading attorney groups throughout the state. Initially, the firm started with a team of two attorneys and provided services to the county of Santa Clara. Soon the team grew and now Wade Law Group is a team of 40 employees. Today it ranks amongst the top innovative companies of 2022. 

Amiel Wade, the Founder, and CEO of Wade Law Group, was formerly a police officer and later found his calling to become an attorney. He was testifying in court as a witness when Amiel realized he wanted to be the person on the other side of the microphone. Soon he quit his job and became one of the country’s top attorneys with a mission to rescue as many people as possible from the stress of civil litigation. Through Wade Law Group he is accomplishing the mission to win as many cases as possible while building client relationships second to none, in order to bring as many smiles as possible to every client’s face.

Expertise to rely on

Amiel is the Founder, CEO, President, and Managing Partner, at Wade Law Group and holds expertise in civil litigation, conducting jury trials in complex cases, and helping individuals and businesses in every phase of their development. Amiel is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience and has served as both judge pro tem and an arbitrator for the Santa Clara County Superior Court, and has guest lectured at Stanford University. His expertise has been rewarded in the industry with numerous honors as a top California attorney, including but not limited to “2022 civil litigation lawyer of the year” by the American Institute of Legal professionals, “Top 100 attorney in the United States, 2022” by top 100 magazines and one of the best trial lawyers in America, 2022 by the National Institute of Trial Lawyers. He has also received the prestigious Martindale Hubble Client Distinction Award for receiving the requisite number of client reviews that average 4.8 or better on a scale from 1 to 5. It is a noteworthy achievement because less than 4% of the 9900,000+ attorneys listed on and have been awarded this honor of distinction. 

Amiel Wade is also the receiver of a 10.0 Avvo rating – the highest rating given by the independent attorney lawyer rating firm, Avvo. Amiel’s experience as a trial attorney has led him to successfully represent clients as chief counsel in both jury trials and non-jury trials involving complex litigation cases. Over the years, he has built a reputation for being a tenacious, savvy, and sophisticated trial attorney who savors going into battle for his clients. Amiel has also served as a board member of several organizations and is a black belt in Karate.

Standing out amongst competitors

Wade Law Group initially encountered several challenges to stand out as a leading law firm amongst its competitors. It struggled for years to attract the number of clients that it wanted because it could not find a way to get its message out to the public. This also made it difficult to attract the right talent. However, by delivering excellent services it established a strong foothold in the industry and today is recognized as a leading law firm.

Wade Law Group has undertaken several innovative and sophisticated approaches for marketing itself and achieving client satisfaction. It has employed its own in-house SEO, Marketing, Google ads, and Facebook ads campaign specialist, who uses the latest marketing techniques to bring the firm’s message of excellence to the public’s attention. Wade Law Group has also employed an in-house recruiter to help the firm attract the most talented employees to the firm. It has the latest recruiting techniques and employment qualification tests and methods in order to ensure that it is attracting the best talent. Its innovative policies and procedures ensure that the level of service provided by the firm is at an acceptable level. 

The firm also employs in-house client intake specialists to speak with potential clients who help guide them through the onboarding process. Additionally, it employs in-house client liaison specialists to assist clients who need special attention and/or who have ongoing questions. Wade Law Group also employs its own in-house accounts receivables team, that regularly works with clients, while explaining to the firm’s clients its innovative and detailed client-friendly billing process. The firm also uses anonymous surveys to solicit honest employee feedback so it can provide the best work environment for its workers. 

With the advent of the pandemic, the company adopted a remote component into its workforce. This has attracted new talented employees, negating the geographical borders. While accomplishing these goals, the company has integrated the latest technologies, allowing it to run as a remote-oriented company that seamlessly deals with documents and data. 

Integrating New Technologies 

An innovative company must constantly be preoccupied with being the best. The company continually strives to search for the highest numbers of clients, ensure the highest level of service and attract the very best talent. “The company must also constantly be looking to improve in every area substantially each year and also seek to be creative in implementing the best policies and procedures to establish the company’s goals,” explains Amiel Wade. 

Wade Law Group houses an excellent management team, which brings the firm’s innovation to fruition. The firm has prospered under the leadership of Amiel Wade along with the joined efforts of its operations director Serena Rico, its marketing specialist, Giancarlo Florentine, its Accounts Receivables Manager, Tim McDaniel, its HR manager and senior recruiter, Emery Santora, and its trained client intake staff, comprised of Brett Martin, Jason Leon, and Terry Martin, all of whom, help the firm bring innovation to fruition. Moreover, the firm’s attorneys and paralegals are highly recruited and trained, and all display a client-first attitude that is directly in line with the firm’s vision. 

Amiel is anticipating that there would be an increase in the adoption of remote operations. Wade Law Group expects to continue to use the latest technologies to get its message out to potential clients while at the same time using the latest techniques to attract the most talented employees and provide the best services to clients. 


“The trusted team at Wade Law Group has demonstrated a history of success as a litigation law firm serving clients throughout the state of California. Our expertise includes skillful guidance for complex cases across various practice areas.”