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Vi Allegedly Exposed Data of 301 Million Customers

Key Highlights

  • CyberX9 claims that Vi allegedly exposed the data of around 301 million customers.
  • It was found that the mobile internet usage details, phone numbers, call logs etc., were leaked online.

A cyber security company, CyberX9, claims that Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) has exposed its users’ data to hacking, including records of over 20 million postpaid customers. Phone numbers, call logs, addresses, SMS records, and mobile Internet usage details of nearly 301 million customers, including all postpaid users, were found to have leaked online.

Later, Vodafone Idea refuted the data breach, calling the report false and malicious. It reportedly claimed that the potential vulnerability in its billing communication was quickly fixed after the Telecom company learned about it.

As per a report by cybersecurity firm CyberX9, multiple vulnerabilities with Vi have exposed call records, Internet usage details, SMS details, location details, full name, residential address, Vi phone number, alternate contact number, bill details and more, approximately 301 million customers. They claimed that the exposed data includes records of the 20 million customers subscribed to the postpaid services of the telecom giant. The call data records exposed allegedly include personal details comprising Vi customer’s phone number, alternate contact number, residential address, and details about their family members.

CyberX9 said this would permanently damage millions of Vodafone Idea customers’ privacy and security. The company further accused Vodafone Idea of exposing customers’ sensitive data for the last two years, saying that malicious hackers might have already stolen the leaked data.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Idea denied the claim. A Vi spokesperson said there is no data breach as alleged in the report. The report is false and malicious. They learnt about a potential vulnerability in billing communication. It was immediately fixed, and a thorough forensic analysis was conducted to ascertain no data breach. They have notified appropriate agencies and made due disclosures. Vi added that Vi customer data remains entirely safe and secure.

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