Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Veego: Connecting Data for Connected User Experiences

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have trouble knowing what’s going on with the internet service in the subscriber home. Are the users having a good experience? Are devices performing properly? Are users interfering with one another? Are routers and extenders installed properly and giving adequate coverage? Are subscribers getting ready to churn? ISPs simply don’t know. 

This lack of visibility indicates a dire need for AI-based technology that can watch over customer experience while detecting, analyzing, and solving problems.

To resolve this lack, Veego was established. The company creates and implements advanced technologies (AI, ML, traffic classification, and more) to learn which devices and services are currently running and how they are faring.

Veego goes by the philosophy that “People feel the internet”, that is, they have a subjective perception of their internet experience. Veego technology objectively measures the quality while focusing on perfecting the experience of each user in every networked home at every moment. 

From its global operations across millions of homes that use the internet, Veego produces vast volumes of unique data which is automatically correlated and analyzed in the cloud. Accessing this enriched data, ISPs can gain breakthrough insights into the behavior and performance of connected devices and apps which they can use for real-time and over-time analyses. Several ISP departments benefit from these insights including NetOps, Marketing, Customer Care, and more. ISPs are able to promote proactive initiatives to boost network quality, reduce churn, and improve subscriber loyalty. 

Veego’s flagship product, Veego Engage, is an Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform that offers ISPs not only complete visibility, but a crystal-clear comprehension of the quality of experience of every internet session in the home. ISPs can understand how users engage with and enjoy their internet service. They can anticipate internet usage per home and optimize their networks accordingly. 

Veego Engage is also a data analytics platform that enables ISPs to segment their user populations by an unlimited number of factors to gain deep, immediate and long-term insights. What are the current internet trends? Which homes are suffering from insufficient internet service?  Which devices are impeding good experience? How do various geographic segments compare?  All these and unlimited other questions can be answered with the insights garnered from Veego Engage’s analytics.     

Veego Engage is but one of three products that Veego offers. The other two include Veego Care and Veego Active. Veego Care focuses on monitoring and modeling device and app behavior and identifying malfunctions in real-time. Upon detecting problems, it automatically determines the root cause and arrives at an effective remediation, passing all this information to ISP Customer Care for rapid and effective remediation.

Veego’s third product is called Veego Active. An easy-to-use, mobile self-care app, Active allows home users to understand the topology and quality of their home network and internet connections at all times. The app provides automatic notifications to users on their smartphones, enabling them to understand what’s going on and how to fix certain simple problems. Users appreciate not having to call Customer Care to address these problems. ISPs benefit, too, by servicing fewer support calls. 

In addition to the three products, Veego provides Data Packs which are really the underlying capabilities that the three Veego products use. Sophisticated ISPs can acquire individual Data Packs and integrate them with their own systems. The Data Packs directly access the Veego data in a variety of valuable ways and make it available, via API, to ISP business applications.  

Veego has a bright future. The company plans to continue to expand and diversify its team on its hardcore expertise in the areas of AI, ML, home internet data analytics, visibility, automatic device and app classification, quality of experience scoring, and problem detection, analysis, and remediation. Veego will continue to help Internet Service Providers with the insights and capabilities to ensure the satisfaction of their subscribers. Veego is helping the world network better!

Pull Quote: “People feel the internet.”

Description: Veego is a company focused on enhancing internet user experience by analyzing and optimizing networks and connected devices and apps. 

Company Name: Veego

Leader: Amir Kotler

Position of the Leader: CEO