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SAP BTP With Use Cases Back To Its Roots & Into The Cloud

Key Highlights

  • Before fifty years, the starting steps of a bit of startup called SAP happened mostly at its premises and mainframes of the customers.
  • The card punchers used in 1972 at ICI Germany are one of the past things.
  • But SAP’s close and trustful partnership with customers is still more than alive today.

With the design of particular, repeatable use cases on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), the company assists its ecosystem prepare for the next leap toward digital transformation and the move of businesses into the cloud.

What Is An SAP BTP Use Case?

A use case explains how customers can tackle a business challenge by leveraging SAP BTP. It has customer-proven, well-documented missions to help and assist the implementation journey of each customer on SAP BTP to help achieve the desired business outcome for business users, architects, and developers.

Innovation Work With Customers

SAP BTP combines data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, application development, and integration in one unified environment. The platform focuses on enabling business scenarios and can provide semantic integration of business data, easy access to contextual data, and a harmonized experience across all cloud solutions from SAP.

SAP invites customers and partners to speed up their digital transformation by publishing different SAP BTP use cases, of which 10 will be featured at SAP TechEd in 2022. These repeatable, actionable use cases built on SAP BTP are displayed to customers and users to help benefit and learn from existing solution patterns developed for a specific business case.

They describe how to gain a specific business outcome and include detailed implementation guidance of SAP BTP, known as “missions,” in the SAP Discovery Center. They are publicly available and can serve as a starter package into the cloud.

Following the ambition of SAP to help the world run better, it is crucial to use community knowledge, benefit from the solutions that guide others, exchange openly, and learn from each other in the best possible way.

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