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Phil Bristol: An Astute Entrepreneur Changing The Landscape Of Businesses


In today’s world, it is getting more and more difficult for businesses to survive.  Leaders are so worried about staying in business that they forget about the people who actually make the business work.  Leaders must learn to inspire, motivate, and influence others to produce results for the organization’s greater good. They should be able to establish relationships, honor the humanness of others, and have a steadfast drive to optimize the full potential of each person and organization.  But first, they need to know themselves.  Leaders need to know “Their strengths and challenges and develop the emotional intelligence to respond appropriately in stressful situations. The words and actions of a leader matter and have a significant impact on others,” expresses Phil Bristol (Founder of Projectivity Solutions).

Phil’s leadership style is situation-based and highly influenced by Daniel Goleman’s book, Primal Leadership (2013). His style can be summoned up as Coaching, Affiliative, and Visionary, reserving Commanding and Pacesetting for needed circumstances. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with an MS in Operations Research System Analysis and has also completed master’s courses from the University of Southern California. Before establishing Projectivity Solutions, he was in the US Army, trained as an Airborne-Ranger, and retired as a Lt. Colonel.   His leadership and project management knowledge contributed to the Non-Combatant Evacuation System implementation for the US Consulate and United Nations Command in Korea. He leveraged his organizational development skills and helped design and implement the US Army Senior Civil Servant and Officer management by objectives evaluation reporting system.

Phil has extensive experience of over 35 years, focused on leadership, project management, and the information technology (IT) industry. He has successfully planned and implemented innovative solutions for public and private sector clients with his expertise in strategic planning, project management, business process, re‐engineering, conflict transformation, and leadership development. Apart from being an astute entrepreneur, Phil is also a much sought-after speaker and presenter for professional organizations. His keynote presentations and workshops are highly praised by leaders nationally and internationally. 

Programs Eliminating Unseen Obstacles

Recently, Phil observed a lack of clarity and increasing ambiguity around the organizational direction, work, and relationship expectations that create performance drag in companies. Projectivity Solutions’ programs help owners and leaders articulate a company’s vision, mission, purpose, brand, and core values, which provide organizational direction. Projectivity applies these skills and tools used to help business owners and leadership teams to themselves. Position role sheets define the work expectations for every role, and documented business development, operations, and support service master process explains how employees work collaboratively.

In the 1990s, Projectivity Solutions focused on helping fortune 500 companies simplify, optimize, and standardize large-scale projects for on-time, within-budget product delivery. Soon, the team realized that the process was relatively simple, but the team and staff drive organizational complexity. Acknowledging this, in 2000, the team introduced tools to understand team dynamics into the service offerings. Today, staying relevant to the changing business landscape, the company has transformed into a company whose approach is people-centric and driven by objective data for informed decision-making. Projectivity Solutions is a leading integrated service provider that increases business value by identifying and eliminating the unseen obstacles that adversely impact employee satisfaction and productivity. “We build people; we build relationships; we build high-performing trust-based cultures,” asserts Phil. 

Projectivity Solutions distinguishes itself from its competitors by leveraging over 130 years of science and research to objectively gather data by conducting targeted ‘X-Rays’ focused on business operations, relationships, financial performance, and management mindset. The exceptional programs address the missing business elements that help build remarkable leadership, management, and enterprise performance.

  • Exceptional Leadership: Growing collaboration—moving from CONTROL to INFLUENCE
  • Exceptional Manager: Working ON the business, not working in the business—moving from DOING to CRITICAL THINKING
  • Exceptional Enterprise: Focusing on essential business elements—moving from REACTIVE to FOCUSED discernment
  • Exceptional Management Mindset: Creating a Culture—Moving from ME to WE

Separating Typical from Exceptional

The programs and service offerings are continually updated depending on the changing consumer requirements. This continuous innovation is possible due to collaborative teamwork. At Projectivity Solutions, Phil and his team collaboratively work and integrate perspectives and methods to produce fresh ideas that differentiate the typical from the exceptional. “Equally important are the practical implementation actions to create and deliver value,” explains Phil. Despite being a geographically dispersed team, they rarely rely on traditional brainstorming approaches.  The team frequently connects via the web and Zoom to work on new ideas. Its ‘go-to’ tools are MindManager and Padlet, which allow multi-user collaboration. “Like other organizations, Projectivity Solutions has an assortment of personalities and motivators,” adds Phil.

There are also regular seminars and conferences with the purpose of knowledge sharing and the latest industry and business updates to allow the staff to enhance their potential. As an employee at Projectivity Solutions, the typical is about creating solutions that help direct energy towards crucial activities, promoting teamwork, and establishing an environment that produces results. These factors help the team stay abreast of the trends and give the organization an edge over the competition. 

Changes and Hidden Opportunities

With the disruption of COVID-19, companies around the world were struggling to adjust to the new normal. Similarly, the impact of the pandemic was dramatic for Projectivity Solutions. Before COVID, all client engagements and training were conducted in person. However, with the rising wrath of the pandemic, there was an abrupt stop. The telephone, Whatsapp, and Zoom became the primary means to connect with clients in the new normal. Apart from communication, there were several other transformations took place. The service delivery outcomes and processes were enhanced, computer business development processes and lead generation improved new customer acquisition. Furthermore, new geographic markets became a reality. 

Though the pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, there was a silver lining in this situation. With the rise of digitalization and advanced tools, geographical limitations have diminished, opening new markets for the companies. Projectivity Solutions is striving to benefit from the provided opportunity and keep on delivering excellence. 

Quote: “Leadership is all about relationships and honoring the humanness of others; an unflinching drive to optimize the full potential of each person and organization.”

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